OK I was hating on GT PSP at first but now...

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I was hating on the "career" mode. I was hating on the lack of upgrading.(still kinda miffed by that part) but the more I learn the more I think I will love GT PSP. 
I just hope out of the bazillion cars that they have my favs. I really want a 323 GTX! and a Galant VR4, and a GTiR)

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Sweet dude.

#3 Posted by Raiden36O (123 posts) -
@Devil240Z: What did you learn that made you change your mind? I was seriously considering buying GT PSP but after doing a bit of online research and watching jeff and Ryan's quicklook im no longer interested. Sure there are alot of cars and tracks but without a decent career mode or online play its kinda pointless. Its feature list feels like a half finished game. Having no career mode means their is no sense of direction, depth or achievement in playing. Surely in there 4 year dev period they could have found the time to combine their 3 game types into a decent career mode, its a bit of a joke to be honest.
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I'm not too bothered about a career mode TBH, it would have been nice though. The worst things about this game look like the fact you can only race 3 other cars at any one time and you don't choose what dealers you want to buy from. 

#5 Posted by Devil240Z (3493 posts) -
@Raiden36O: I guess I am just NOW willing to use my imagination to create a career. 
So say I buy a car. take that car into the career mode. beat each track with that car and see how many difficulty levels I can beat on each track with that car. once it gets too impossible I take my cash and buy a new car. and repeat that process until my garage has 800 and some cars in it. 
Plus the challanges. 
seems like a pretty full game to me.
but I am also a delusional GT fanboy so...
Yes I am disappointed about the career and the upgrades but its GT, Im sure it will last me til GT5, not to mention that you can import your cars from GT PSP to GT5. (though I doubt I will do that, I did refuse the GT3 to GT4 A/B Licences and 100 grand.)

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