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Car Porn At Its Finest, On-The-Go 1

Incidentally, Long Time Coming is my favourite Zutons song... As most of you will no doubt be aware, Gran Turismo for the PSP has been a long time coming. I remember back when the PSP launched, and Sony were touting a portable version of Polyphony Digital's driving simulator as a potential launch title. Rumours began to circulate concerning the game, which was said to be a complete port of Gran Turismo 4, featuring over 700 cars and a hefty Career mode. Somewhere along the line that plan fell th...

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Suprisingly enjoyable 0

As a fan of the Gran Turismo series, I've been keeping an eye on the PSP version of Gran Turismo since it was announced all those years ago, but as the game came closer to launch and I saw more about it, I became very indifferent to it. I put this down initally to the videos I saw online, were the textures looked really rough and only the cars themselves looked good.   I eventually folded and bought it off the PSN, the first thing to note is that this game looks incredible on the PSP screen, don...

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Gran Turismo Review (PSP) 0

There are two ways to look at this game, comparing it to past in the series, and comparing it to past on the platform.  While the latter produces a great review, you are comparing this games to things like ps2 remakes and countless downgrades from other systems.   Unfortunately, no matter which you decide, GT PSP isn't a complete game, and what it lacks, is half of what made GT the greatest racing game ever made.  While we all know this isnt the greatest looking GT game, it is one of the better ...

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Buick 87, the Nolan North of car games is in this 0

Gran Turismo for PSP was announced at 2004 E3, but was released 6 fivers later at 2010. And what a disappointing wait it has been. Polyphony Digital, the company behind Gran Turismo franchise has done good job ruining what could have been a brilliant game. Starting with negative to leave the few good to say about this game in the end. I can imagine Kazunori Yamauchi and his team went through the plans on how to accomplish the massive Gran Turismo for PSP'...

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