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Grand Gray was apparently an important advisor in the Republic of Kliph and a top wizard. He is the mentor of the other heroes, and has taught them how to master "neuro power".  
 Age: 78 
Weight: 51kg 
Height: 165cm 

ProximityMove NameCommandDescription
 Close Aura Blast up-forward, heavy attack Grand Gray blasts the opponent with sanskrit.
 Close Neuro Saucer QCF, special Grand Gray blasts a beam of fire from his belt, moving away from the opponent in the process.
 Close Ryuuenha charge left, right, special Gray fires a beam of energy from his hand, blowing the opponent away from him.
 Far Staff upper Up-forward, heavy attack Gray violently strikes his opponent with his staff.
 Far Chisouretsuha Left, up, down, special Gray slams his staff on the ground, creating a whirlwind which blows his opponent in to a convenient pillar every time!
 Far Retsusenpa up, down, special Gray slams his staff on the ground, sending a shockwave towards the opponent.
 Far Mukurotori Aura down, left, right, special Gray launches a fireball from the skull on his staff.
 Far Souenha half circle forward, special Gray creates a fire bird and launches it at the opponent.
 Far Gekirai rapidly press special Grand Gray calls down lightning from the heavens for an instant knockdown.
 Far jinenryuuha Charge left, right special Gray leaps towards the opponent and shoots a beam in the process. This moves him close to the opponent.

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