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First Level Garage

The first garage you inhabit provides you with the ability to store two cars and to have one driver and support mechanics.

Upon completing the first local grand prix, you are upgraded to the second garage. The second garage now allows you to hire a second driver. Additionally you can now house four cars and four mechanics per driver.

Third Level Garage

After clearing the Japan level grand prix, you move onto the world level and are now given the largest garage. It's now possible to build and store six cars as well as six mechanics per driver.

Car Bodies

The Roadster is the most basic car. Better suited to asphalt then ice, but can be upgraded to be a passable vehicle. Allows two additional add-ons and can be successfully produced by a level 1 mechanic.
Off Road
The Buggy is the entry level off-road car. It allows 3 parts to be added on and is fair on dirt and ice. Requires a barely trained mechanic for optimal build. Unlocked by upgrading Roadster 25%. Upgrade 50% to unlock The Proto Car.
Proto Car
The Proto Car is an upgraded buggy. Better overall stats but remains a good car for dirt and ice. Upgrade 50% to unlock The Super Car. Requires a good mechanic for optimal build.
Super Car
The Super Car is the final upgrade to the
buggy. It carries 4 slots for add-ons and has very high speed and durability. Unmodified it is not suitable for ice. Requires expert mechanics for optimal build.
Drag Cars
The Dragster is the entry level high speed car. It allows 2 parts to be added on and is weak on dirt and ice. What the car lacks in durability it makes up for in speed. Moderate mechanic required. Available by winning the Snowville GP. Upgrade to 50% to unlock the Cigar Car.
Cigar Car
The Cigar Car is the second version of the Dragster. Improvement over all basic stats, remains unsuitable for any surface except for asphalt. Well trained mechanics needed. Upgrade to 50% to unlock the Spiral Car.
Spiral Car
The Spiral Car is the third variety of the dragster. Equally upgraded in all stats with an additional expansion slot. Needs modifications for acceptable performance on dirt and ice. Very high to expert mechanic needed for best build.
Open Wheel
Wing Car
The Wing Car is the entry level open wheel car. Exchanging acceleration for control. In basic form, best used on asphalt. Unlockable by winning Japan GP. Upgrade 50% to unlock The Sonic Car.
Sonic Car
The Sonic Car is an upgraded Wing Car. Greatly improves on the weak acceleration of the Wing Car, also not an ideal car for dirt and ice. Requires a good mechanic for optimal build. Upgrade 50% to unlock Aero Car.
Aero Car
The Aero Car is the final form of the Wing Car. Highest default handling of the basic car bodies with moderate upgrades in durability and speed over the Sonic Car. Additional add-on slot. Very good to expert mechanic needed for optimal build.
Banana Car
The Banana Car has modest stats but earns data and experience very quickly. Can be created in a New Game plus as the first car, albeit with very humble performance. Unlockable by placing first in the Chimp Island GP.
Duck Car
Duck Car. Maximize ad revenue while driving a duck. Unlockable by completing Autoburg Sponsorship.
SL Car
The SL is a steam locomotive, exchanging any attempts at handling for raw acceleration and durability. Not suitable for dirt, but modest performance on ice. Unlockable by completing Kairo Insurance Sponsorship.
Kairo Car
The Kairo Kar is a laughably fragile vehicle that will not even survive a lap around any track without significa upgrades. Even still, it's incredibly powerful and dirt cheap. S Rank! Unlockable by winning the Kairo Island GP.
Mach Car, an obvious riff on Speed Racer. Posses no real weak point save for its difficult in construction and poor performance on dirt and ice. Unlockable by upgrading both the Spiral Car and the Aero Car to 50% each.


Zen Garden
Dusty Plains
Sand Beach
Chimp Island

Special Characters

Add Ons

Each car will have a pre-determined number of 'slots' for tech add-ons. These add-ons will improve stats, give bonuses and features to cars that normally wouldn't have them (i.e. ice driving). All add-ons have a rank (the difficulty associated with installing them) as well as a deployment cost (the price to add to your car). Additional technology is usually available by winning races, pleasing sponsors or upgrading existing technology beyond 80%.

Radial TiresDBasic tire, Bonus to Acc and Hndl.4,000
Knobby TiresCImproves off-road driving14,000
Studless TiresCImproves ice driving16,000
Sports TiresCIncreases Hndl, Acc and bonus to on-road8,000
Hi Grip TiresBIncrease Hndl16,000
Slick TriesAIncrease Hndl, Acc, On-rd, negative off-rd & icy20,000
V6 EngineEStarter Engine10,000
V8 EngineDUnlocks by upgrading V6 80%16,000
V10 EngineBUnlocks by upgrading V8 80%25,000
V12 EngineAUnlocks by upgrading V10 100%40,000
Seamless GearEBonus Acc6,000
Speed GearCBonus Speed, Negative Acc10,000
Power GearCBonus Acc, Negative Speed10,000
Hi Speed GearCLarge Bonus Speed, Negative Acc17,000
32 BitDIncrease qualifying race bonus9,000
64 BitBIncrease qualifying race bonus13,000
SuperchargerBHigher acc at low speeds12,000
TurbochargerAHigher acc at low speeds15,000
WingCBonus Hndl, Negative Speed8,000
Big WingBBonus Hndl, Negative Speed15,000
Aero BodyABonus Hnd and Dur15,000
Lt ChassisCBonus Spd and Dur6,000
Carbon ChassisBBonus Dur120,000
Carbon BrakesBBraking increase6,000
Gold EggBEarn XP faster20,000
EmblemDImprove ad revenue2,000
Hyper OilDBonus Spd, Acc and Hndl5,000
CoatingDBonus Dur3,000
Tire ChainsEImproves ice driving3,000


Sponsors play a vital role in acquiring funds as well as unlocking special parts for your cars. In general, a sponsor will have a target that they wish to reach. They will pay you a semi-yearly revenue, plus bonus if you do well. Once they reach their target they will give you a reward and introduce you to a new sponsor. Higher race finishes as well as a driver with good appeal will please sponsors faster.

Bridgerock807,500Knobby Tire Plans
Mocha Cola13019,900Hyper Oil (see Errors)
Dry Springs10513,50040,000 Cash
Carbucks15535,500700,000 Cash
Curry Coop18030,50040 Dev Points
Froggerade20533,000Drag Racing Training
Race Trax25538,700Emblem
Spongecorp23035,50032 Bit chip
Dairy Duke30542,800Powerslide Training
Cheapy P's28037,500Car Camera (see Errors)
Honza Cars50542,500Carbon Brakes
AD&D40553,00Watch Vids training
River Bank48058,500Shop Class training
Nights Inn


48,000Gear Shift training
Microsloth58073,500Drift training
Milky Milk35548,100Gold Egg
Ackbar Oil60594,7002400k cash
Bob's Drugs38049,500Aerobics training
Chimp Labs43032,000Supercharger
Kairo Group630122,500SL car
Pear Inc.45540,0004wd
AutoburgDuck Car


After clearing Mocha Cola you're informed you can now research Hyper Oil, but Car Camera appears in the research list. However researching "Car Camera" will give you the Hyper Oil item.

The same is true after completing Cheapy P's, who give you Car Camera which appears as Hyper Oil in the research list.

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