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I recently purchased the game and feel a little lost when it comes with choosing drivers and mechanics. In the end, does it truly matter which i hire? I will be training the driver, so i dont see how hiring another driver, with lower stats will be better. 
As far as mechanics go, is the only way to get a expert mechanic to lvl them up using my data? If so, how do i get more data, because leveling each mechanic gets extremely high in data cost, especially when you need data to research stuff.  Sorry if i sound dumb, havent played a game like this before.

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Yeah, for the most part the driver isn't super important. Now in pretty much all of the Kairosoft games there are similar characters, like King Akabar. They tend to have better stats then everyone else. So for your first driver, just level them up. I did wind up swapping out my second driver a few times. If you see King Akabar or Mister X (I don't even know if he's in this game), grab them because they have really good base stats and will level up much higher than other drivers.

The first mechanic you get completely leveled up is actually a lot lower then a later completely leveled up mechanic. So if you hire a mechanic later on, even though it's level 1, it'll have higher stats then your level 1 mechanic.

As far as spending the data, don't worry about it. Once you get two cars on the road you'll be making tons of data. Also a hallmark of Kairosoft games is... don't expect greatness on the first playthrough. Not only are you learning the mechanics, but considering stuff carries over to subsequent new games.

Truth be told, you get so much driver training from just repairing the car that by focusing on the car you'll incidentally get good drivers. I didn't focus too much on driver training, just racing as much as possible.

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