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Grand Slam Tennis 2 is like Andy Murray

Grand Slam Tennis 2 is like Andy Murray not great but not terrible either. The type of shots are like any other tennis games flat, top spin, slice and overhead/smash. The controls are like Top spin pretty intuitive and manageable with the right joystick. Career Mode is like any EA sport game you create your character, even you can put your face in the game like in fifa, Tiger Woods PGA and the next Fifa Street through, some of the movement of the players seems a little too fast: While Dojokovic and Nadal are fast players, Kei Nishikori is not even in that league. Also, some of the animations are not that accurate, i.e.; Nadal rarely does a single backhand.

The commentators are pretty funny but really repetitive, it's a bummer than they didn't have females ones. Even though is sponsored by ESPN there's no ESPN commentators, would have liked to see Brad Gilbert, Darren Cahill, Mary Joe Fernandez or Pam Shriver since they actually commentate on ESPN. Pat Cash and Johnny Mac are from Tennis Channel actually. The online service is pretty much like in Fifa is little better than Virtua Tennis but not as great than Top spin 4. Would have like to see more tournaments besides the 4 majors and some minor unreal ones.

In the end, I feel GST 2 is good approach to tennis but not perfect. While Virtua Tennis is fancy and bright like Djokovic/Nadal; Top spin is more like Federer classy and hard to master. GST 2 is more like Andy Murray "great but not terrible". Maybe the next one will fix all this errors, in the mean time i'll go back to Top Spin and do my FedSlam.

Posted by Winternet

If by "not great but not terrible either" you mean Andy Murray is one of the best, then sure.

Posted by clumsyninja1

How many Grand Slam titles Murray has??? ZERO!!!!!!

Posted by clumsyninja1

Also, when was the last time a Brit won a GS...I believe it has been 70+ years.

Edited by Bourbon_Warrior

@clumsyninja1: 35 years, Virginia Wade.

Andy Murray gonna win Wimbledon this year.........who am I kidding. He a Brit win he wins and a Scot when he loses.

Posted by Griddler

@clumsyninja1: So a tennis player ranked 4th IN THE WORLD, is not great?

Posted by clumsyninja1

@girdz: Better than ranked 4 is: number 3, 2, 1. Some guys known as: Djokovic, Nadal and Federer. I believe they all have Grand Slams. Nole has 5, Rafa 10 and Roger 16. While Andy

Posted by clumsyninja1

@Bourbon_Warrior: The British media tends to be a little rough on their players, don't they?

Posted by Griddler

@clumsyninja1: Thank you, before then I was not aware 4 was higher than 3, 2 and 1. And you didn't really answer what I said.

Posted by clumsyninja1

@girdz: You'r are VERY welcome. Also, be sure to check the ranking on the ATP tour they might clarify where ACTUALLY Andy Murray is.

Posted by Griddler

@clumsyninja1: I'm really not that bothered. Although I do know that Andy Murray has beaten Federer, Djockovic and Nadal ( "Great players" according to you) on multiple occasions, and a couple of times in straight sets. Sounds like a pretty good player to me. But then it's hard to take someone's opinion on tennis as unbiased when they have a picture of Nadal as their profile picture.

Posted by clumsyninja1

@girdz: Ohhh, I though you meant on Grand Slams, since he has zero . My bad, MATE!!! You never be bias on Andy Murray, right? CHEERS

Posted by Griddler

@clumsyninja1: I never mentioned grand slams. No, I'm not saying Murray is better than the other 3, you just seem to think that being 4th in the world is somehow not impressive.

As for your review, it would've been better if you talked about the gameplay and what makes it different to the other tennis games that you keep mentioning. You also didn't really mention the game's presentation.

Posted by clumsyninja1

@girdz: You more than welcome to write your own review, I though mine was great. Anyway please stay away of writing comments that critize the review of others and opinions, just and enjoy the game for what it is, GEEZ.

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