From Flash to Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars Cash

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Found this, of interest, on Kotaku:

The Rockstar Social Club is teasing Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars with Mr. Wong's Laundromat, a new flash game that will let players earn cash for their DS game playing Flash games on their PC.

At first Mr. Wong's Laundromat was a mystery, but the gaming detectives over at MTV Multiplayer soon cracked the case, discovering the following text on the GameSpy page describing exactly what they contributed to Chinatown Wars.

 Once at the Rockstar Social Club, registered users can also play Flash games like Mr. Wong's Laundromat to unlock additional cash that can be spent back in the game. GameSpy's custom work links money earned out of game straight back into your in-game funds to spend on bigger guns and more ammo (and you can never have enough of that).

Since your copy of Chinatown Wars has to be linked to the Rockstar Social Club in order to participate, it's a simple matter to get the Club to wire you money from a web-based flash application. Neat!

The GameSpy text is backed up by the teaser text on the Rockstar Social Club site itself:

These features are just the beginning for the Chinatown Wars section. We will be adding activities here that allow you to earn extra in-game cash as well as other special unlockables.

Anyone tried this yet and willing to educate us?

Rockstar are very good at pushing games and this seems on the surface to be another great idea.

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Great idea. I have not tried it yet, but I certainly will do, it's sounds like a lotta fun.

I actually have a loads of money and unlocakables on this, when I choose to use it during hard times. I'm good when it comes to using credit ;)

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Anyone tried this yet?  I am quite keen to know if this is something new that is actually worthwhile.
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@oldschool said:
" *bump*

Anyone tried this yet?  I am quite keen to know if this is something new that is actually worthwhile.
1 year, and 4 months late, yes this is actually worthwile. The flash games do send money to your physical copy of GTA:CW. I've just started a new game yesterday and, man, I think I have to say this is one of the several reasons as to why this my be my favorite GTA game. 
The best thing is that the transfer of your stuff is pretty much instant. 
I also want to add that this game has a really good soundtrack.

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