GTA3 your fondest memory

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I was a sophomore in college and heard about GTA3 through some online stuff, there wasn't much hype about the game but the open world looked awesome. I distinctly remember 1 gameplay video and nothing else it was very mysterious. I didn't have any money so I actually traded in my Dreamcast to get enough money to get GTA3 and wow! I was so blown away by the game and within a couple of hours my dorm room was filled with people taking turns just fucking with the cops trying to get as many stars as possible. This ensued for weeks, it was amazing to see the complete randomness of a game and finding new stuff, tricks, jumps, etc.

Sorry if this was posted I searched and couldn't find. That badass figure on the front page reminded me of how much this game brought back the passion of gaming in general to me after what seemed like a dry spell.

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One of my favorite things to do in the game and a great memory would be set a bomb in a car run over a ped don't completely kill them until there's people around.Then when you look down at the ped under the tire they would automatically die then the other pedestrians would run over to see them then I hit the remote and blow them up into pieces oh yea I would have the gore code on so I could see there limbs flys also the slow motion code on a thing of beauty I tell ya.

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I had a weird glitch once where I shot a dude in the head with a sniper rifle, but he didn't die.

Instead he walked around with a fountain of blood shooting out from the top of his head, which scared the living shit out of everyone around him.

I must have followed that guy at a distance for half an hour at least.

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Realizing I had perfectly learned the city and could get anywhere without looking at the map.  I couldn't do this in later GTA games because of them being better about showing you where things are and in the case of 4, drawing a line for you.  In 3 you couldn't tell how you were supposed to get anywhere and they didn't tell you if something was higher or lower than you.   I'm not saying 3 has a better system, it's worse, but it makes you better.
Realizing I could drive the Patriot up a 90 degree cliff.
Realizing the Tank flew better than the Dodo.

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Cheat codes. Inputing lots of cheat codes.

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Fondest memory: Playing with a friend, and never got any progress through the game.
We turned on the pedestrians fight each other cheat along with the pedestrians with weapons cheat. Then we gave ourselves some guns and see who could survive the longest in the massive city battle (hint: never too long)

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My flatmate and I used to get drunk, hook a VCR up to the TV, get to max stars as quickly as possible, and then watch as the cop cars caused mayhem and carnage in their blinkered obsession with bringing you down. Then we'd keep drinking and laugh at the crazy spots as we watched it back on tape.

Also, my boss and I bought it Day One without reading a review. We'd watched a couple of preview videos (which were tiny back then) and had followed its progress closely enough to know it was going to be something special, but it exceeded everything we thought it would be. Every morning we'd come into work and exchange excited stories of random goings on in Liberty City, or some secret shit we'd found.

And because we purchased it as soon as it came out, we got the pre-brouhaha version with the whole "beat up hookers to get cash back" thing in there. Thing is, it had never occurred to me this was a thing you could or should do. Hell, I was still getting my head around the fact that a vigourous back seat session with a prostitute would actually give you energy.

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I loved running people over with the first-person view. That never really got old for me.

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I remember flying tanks!

2 spots I remember, a parking garage with a ramp on top near ammunation, perfect spot for mayhem, and just down the street from there was a shop that had glass on both sides and I used to love to hide in their as the cops rammed in and broke the glass.

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Going to the road that runs downhill to the dam. Turning on the fly cheat, getting a tank and getting the wanted level to FBI. Then watch the FBI fly straight into the tank as they come down the hill was good fun.

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Yep, soaring through the skies in a tank was baller.
It was also kinda crazy that it was easier to fly a freaking tank using it's cannon as propulsion than it was flying the god damn airplane, that thing was nigh on impossible to control.

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I'm afraid I went from a GTA2 addiction to a Vice City addiction.. Never actually played GTA3 :(

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I dont really have many fond memories of GTA 3 because it is probably my least favorite game of the franchise (I have many more fond memories of Vice City). However, there was one mission where you were sent to get a car in an alley, but that car was a trap. Instead, a woman called you and warned you about the trap and she told you to go to the 2nd island or something like that. Also, I liked 8ball, or whoever rigged your car to blow up.

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@AhmadMetallic: Nor did I.
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Anyone remember a user named "Noops N Gleh" on the IGN Boards? That dude was the GTA3 king, he had the record for flying the plane and found secret areas and stuff.

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Buying it on release day at the age of 11 and realizing it was fucking awesome and like nothing that I had ever played before. I also remember going to see George W. Bush speak, and my mom buying me the strategy guide to look at during the event. All those damn cars...

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I was a junior in college when GTA3 was released, but I didn't play much of it. My best memory of it was when my roommates and I found out how to spawn a tank and just tear through Liberty City.

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The Leone family missions. Also the beginning where Claude gets shot by Catalina! So close to the face with the gun and yet she still failed, that made me laugh out loud when I realized what had just happened.

*point gun straight at someones brain* "Wannabe toughchick speech" *shoots and makes a boo-boo on Claudes ear* ..

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Cheat codes! As an 11 year old, most of my time in that game was spent spawning a tank and fucking shit up!

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One of my fondest memories of gta3 was building an impenetrable fort out of tanks using the spawn rhino cheat. This was to protect me from the cops and fbi. All went well until one of the tanks rolled over, caught fire and blew claude and everything else around him into oblivion. Wasted!

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Was in middle school and way into Pokemon cards at the time, when the guy who ran the Weekend League handed me a crack of GTAIII for PC and said to just watch the craziness unfold. I remember feeling super weird about it because it was my first experience with hacking software illegally/modding and thinking inserting the CD into the family computer would break it. The first thing the game did was whip a tornado around and everything had no gravity and IT WAS TOTALLY CRAZY.

I bought the copy the next day of the PS2 version and while it wasn't as nuts, I was still really impressed by the amount of cool stuff you could blow up and drive. The Banshee is still one of my favorite made-up cars ever put in a video game.

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My friend and I somehow put in the flying cars cheat on accident. I have no idea how it was even possible. It freaked us out pretty good.

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Grabbing the tank, and heading back to Portland to do the Vigilante missions. (the Mafia will blow up your car with shotguns, if you don't)

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  • "farming" hookers for gun money.
  • dying via overshooting the flyover and landing into sea...
  • dying via flamethrower
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I remember the first time I popped it in, not really knowing anything about it, and just giggling like a retard the first time I beat an old lady to death. The realization that I CAN KILL EVERYONE was a wonderful moment.

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I have two fond memories for GTA 3.

First was when I was spawning a tank (by cheat code), and when it didn't immediately appear I started to look around for it. As i was watching the other side of the street, which was full of npcs walking, i saw a shadow appear on the ground in the middle of a group of them. Shortly after this i saw the tank fall from the sky, onto the group... it was hilarious.

Second, i forget the mission, but you had to take out a npc in chinatown for some reason. Simply put, i messed up and the npc took off. Normally i would have tired to catch him, but if it was too troublesome, i would restart. However, this time i had a group of friends watching me play, so i decided that i would keep going after the npc until i either lost, or i got him. I don't remember all the details of the chase, but in the end it took about 15 minutes, three car switching events (i would spin or destroy his car, he would jump out, i would jump out too, to go after him, he would get into a new car, and i did the same), used all of my ammo during the chase, and it ended with me finally catching him while i was using a chainsaw.

Ah, good times.

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That ramp on the first island, just outside the first safe-house, that would have you flying over the RT tracks.

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I remember blasting Jerry Cantrell's album Degradation Trip while performing some of the later missions in the game, good times. GTAIII radio still rocks. Despite the gameplay enhancements to GTA, there will always be a certain charm to GTAIII.

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8-Ball telling you how his hands are all messed up and allowing you to drive, then Head Radio flipping on and cop sirens blaring as you speed your way towards your destination.
GTA 3 soundtrack is profoundly amazing and I still listen to it.

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Flashback FM. All day. That or Double Clef. And I loved the dub channel, Scientist is the bomb.

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driving the tank around. that was pretty awesome just driving that thing and watch cars explode. 
flying the dodo was horrible. i don't know how people flew that thing. i remember one way of flying it was going to the second island and fly the plane on the entrance to first and second island the plane would just fly. it was because of the bridge ending up getting lower so the plane would fly.

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killer bees

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Not being able to play it because my GPU was shit at the time. God bless that FX 5200. I never managed to finish the actual game from the start, I just played ocassionaly in a friend's house, but I did play a lot of the total conversion mod for GTA: Vice City. That was so sweet. You could crouch!

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I used to repeatedly type in the tank cheat until it started raining tanks then try to avoid the falling tanks and run for cover.

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Yeah, I loved GTA3. Bought it on launch day and was just amazed at how living the world felt.

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When 8-Ball loaded your car up with explosives and you needed to swap it out with the gangsters without bumping into anything. Some dumb shit would ALWAYS drive into me right before I parked the car.

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@gunstar said:




Flashback FM. All day. That or Double Clef. And I loved the dub channel, Scientist is the bomb.

A man after my own heart.

I remember finishing the game several times and spending whole afternoons plugging away at Yardies from the top of the parkade.

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My favourite memory of GTA3 was when I finally "discovered" I could turn off the blur filter.

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Not playing it on the iPad.

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