Sync Saves Across Devices?

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So, GTA III just hit the App Store and I, of course, picked it up. Upon picking it up, I was happy to learn that it was a universal app, meaning the one app you purchase will work across your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad).

What I was wondering was if the game would sync your saves across devices, similar to Infinity Blade II? Does anyone know if the game supports this?

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I didn't know any games did this and I wish they all did.

Playing on the Ipad is fun. Being bored at work...i break out the iphone and play a little. How do you sync games like Infinity Blade 2? Is it just automatic with your itunes account? Or is it game center related?

...and GTA3 is pretty fun to play on these. Usually hate these type of onscreen controls but these work well.

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