Am I the only One?

#1 Posted by khit (150 posts) -

Who got to the last mission and then never finished it? It's really boring and sniping people is getting old.

#2 Posted by Schadenfreude (206 posts) -

That last mission is a pain in the butt; I died too many times to count. I'd always die for some reason or another and since there are no checkpoints you have to start all the way from the beginning. =/

#3 Posted by mr_korean (610 posts) -

I haven't gotten there yet and I've been playing for months... I screw around WAY too much to finish the game..

#4 Posted by TheIneffableBob (243 posts) -

I didn't die on the last mission, but I did find it to be stupid and poorly designed... but then again, I thought the same of around half of the missions in GTA4.

#5 Posted by DrVanNostren (154 posts) -

I liked the last mission when I first started it, but then it seemed like it got stale pretty quick. Still an amazing game though.

#6 Posted by error11 (79 posts) -

The last mission isn't as fun as the other games.

#7 Posted by oraknabo (1514 posts) -

I played it about 10 times trying to finish it before I went on vacation and never beat it. I haven't touched the game since and have been playing Mass Effect. I should really go back and finish that last mission.

#8 Posted by tATu (51 posts) -

I finished GTA IV twice, both endings. Didn't fail them once. Not that hard.

#9 Posted by Snake_Pliskin (14 posts) -

I really havent got into GTA IV like the previous games. I think its better, i just havent found the time.

#10 Posted by RabbitKarrot (362 posts) -

Really? The final two missions of GTA4 were proberly two of my favorites.... Straight up shooting dudes FTW.

#11 Posted by ExtremeBlade (23 posts) -

I'm now on my second play through of GTA IV and I can honestly say that I had no problem with the last mission. I died two or three times but that's to be expected.

In my humble opinion, Grand Theft Auto IV currently = BEST GAME EVER! What's going to knock it off? Only time will tell I suppose... but Fallout 3 and Fable are looking pretty awesome... but I ramble...

#12 Posted by Kush (8889 posts) -

I finished the game and found no problem with the final mission. I do believe that it wasn't the best design for a final mission, but it would have been really hard to top the bank job mission. I thought the bank job was an amazing mission and if Kane and Lynch was like that one mission...I would have bought Kane and Lynch. :P

...I also still want them to patch in a co-op version of the bank job mission. Just call it "Cane and Linch" or something. :)

#13 Posted by MrMiyamoto (1272 posts) -

My Xbox scratched a circle on it now it won't play...

#14 Posted by tATu (51 posts) -

Three Leaf Clover is the best mission IMO.

Three Leaf Clover

#15 Posted by get2sammyb (6412 posts) -

Yep I died a lot of times on the last mission but I finished it eventually. Never really felt the will to revisit the game though. It was a very good game but the replay factor is virtually none.

#16 Posted by MadMatr07 (200 posts) -

Exactly which ending mission are you talking about cause there's two. I got one but was too lazy to get the other.

#17 Posted by RVonE (4720 posts) -
tATu said:
"Three Leaf Clover is the best mission IMO.

Three Leaf Clover


Yeah, I definitely agree with you there. That mission is just amazing!
#18 Posted by davecuk (158 posts) -

I played the game up until the last 3 or so missions and stopped as I was bored, I then started and finished Uncharted before going back to GTA, which hasn't been back in my console since completion.

#19 Posted by sdodd02 (722 posts) -

I liked the last mission, but the bank robbing mission was better.

#20 Posted by redgauss (131 posts) -

I'm still in the thick of things. I always find myself distracted with multiplayer when I should be working though the story.

#21 Posted by Met2609 (555 posts) -

I didn't even finish it. I just got bored with the game. I really enjoyed it, but doing mission after mission got too repetitive for my tastes.

#22 Posted by CasualJoe (23 posts) -

Just be careful and watch those corners and you should get through it pretty easily.

#23 Posted by Crzza (29 posts) -

I never finished it either. I'm close though.

#24 Posted by Bladefire (214 posts) -

It wasn't that bad but it was by no means a stand out.

#25 Posted by Bilawal (107 posts) -

I did it but was like whatever. It was a lame end mission with the boat and everything and I wanted a longer cutscence after doing all that but still it was good.

#26 Posted by p4ddym1607 (995 posts) -

I didnt die that much on the last mission

#27 Posted by RedSox8933 (2428 posts) -

i only sniped a few people, on the revenge side that is. then i just went straight on the boat and shot everybody.

#28 Posted by oddWord (19 posts) -

I beat it. I beat it twice, one for each run.

you must.

#29 Posted by TheSnakeOfWar (71 posts) -
Tarsier said:
"I haven't gotten to the end yet but I hope there is a giant mega boss like a fat mafia guy with rocket launchers for hands and a mastermind alien is riding him down the street crashing down buildings."

You should have totally worked on GTA IV

I thought the final mission was a joke Lets Have a look at previous final GTA missons
The Exchange
Keep Your friends Close
End of the line

Each one of them  were great missions However in GTA IV the mission feels so uninspiring .

All im going to say is if your near the end of the game finish it.
If not just play a diffrent game
#30 Posted by Lies (3868 posts) -

 I thought the end was great. Both missions were fun, although the VERY last one was kinda bleh.

#31 Posted by Socks (21 posts) -

I've been having a tough time with the last mission (Revenge side) as well. The car chase sucked, but most of them did, so that was expected. The shooting was easy. Easier than most other shootouts in the game. The motorcycle to ramp was a beotch. It took me like eight tries to hit it. Those motorcycles really don't handle well. And then there's the helicopter that also handles very poorly, especially when you need to dodge four RPG's coming at you at once. Guess I just need to keep trying, there's no real secret except luck.

#32 Posted by fraser (478 posts) -


I found the last mission really easy after taking the revenge option, but the last mission after taking the Deal took me loads of attempts cos the speedboat kept exploding before i could start it.

#33 Posted by Blu_Magic (2021 posts) -

Yeah the last mission is pretty annoying but eventually I completed.

#34 Posted by Homer (1372 posts) -

I was about to quit then I played three leaf clover and was able to finish it.

#35 Posted by killer_meatballs (485 posts) -

Took me forever to complete the last mission (revenge) kept missing the ramp.  Those were a pain in the ass!!  Must have replayed it about 10 times.
It was repetative.
When I first made the jump and got on the helicopter, not sure how i did this, but I crashed the helicopter into the water!!
I was freaking pissed!!

Awesome game though.

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