#1 Posted by suitteeth (54 posts) -

Who did you or did you not kill? Then we can argue about how your choices reflect what a terrible person you are I killed:

Playboy X
NOT Darko
Derrick McReary
Pegorino / NOT Dimitri

#2 Posted by alexpalex (3 posts) -

Whoa, you killed Derrick!?!?!?!?!  HIS BROTHER WAS THE EVIL ONE, HE THREATENED YOU!

#3 Posted by suitteeth (54 posts) -

Don't you get it Derrick was literally living in hell on earth in his mind of his soul!! I did him a favor.

#4 Posted by alexpalex (3 posts) -

I'm going to fight you to the death with a stick

#5 Posted by Jeff (5265 posts) -

If you let Dimitri live you are scum.

#6 Posted by suitteeth (54 posts) -

 Oh wait I forgot they both die. So, killed:

Dimitri, THEN Pegorino

#7 Posted by suitteeth (54 posts) -

And once I crashed a helicopter while I was hangin out with Brucie but I am pretty sure he was okay I saw him around again.

#8 Posted by ImWayGooderest (77 posts) -

Playboy X
Francis McReary
I took the money

When I took the money and Roman died cause of it I WAS PISSED

...and the fact that a game story could piss me off made me love it more.

#9 Posted by Joker (702 posts) -

I killed

Playboy X
Francis McReary

Didn't kill Darko

#10 Posted by bwooduhs (1679 posts) -

Didnt kill Drako.

Went for Revenge.

Killed Playboy.

Killed Francis McReary

#11 Posted by kiopl (21 posts) -

didnt kill drako

kill dimitri

kill playboy x   tough decision

kill francis

#12 Posted by Player1 (4006 posts) -
ImWayGooderest said:
"Playboy X
Francis McReary
I took the money

When I took the money and Roman died cause of it I WAS PISSED

...and the fact that a game story could piss me off made me love it more.
I was really really mad as well. It was really a brilliant move, story wise, by rockstar. Roman keeps telling you to get the money get the money. Kate tell you shell hate you if you dont get revenge.

If you take the money to make roman happy, he dies

If you take revenge to please kate, she dies.
#13 Edited by NickM (1122 posts) -

Did not shoot Ivan
Shot Playboy X
Shot Francis
Did not shoot Drako
Went for revenge

#14 Posted by Raspberry (70 posts) -

I had the Kate die part :(

#15 Posted by treefity350 (54 posts) -
Lets see,
Kill derreck (That dude was a bummer around, so I did him a favor and killed him)
Shot Francis
Shot Drako
and went for revenge (that was a tough decision and took a really long time to decide)
#16 Posted by xplodedd (1379 posts) -

killed francis mcrareay
let drako lived
went for revenge
and shot playboy, he was being mean.

#17 Posted by toxicEnchiliada (354 posts) -

Saved Ivan
Killed Playboy
Killed Francis
Spared Drako

Went for the money

#18 Posted by KillaMaStA (878 posts) -

I killed all the bad guys ;-)

#19 Posted by IroncladMerc (43 posts) -

I'm glad Roman died in my game, he was annoyingly calling me all the time wanting to go to the strip club or drinking.

#20 Posted by Toseph (391 posts) -

I killed Playboy and Francis and everyone else that I had a choice to kill or let live

#21 Posted by eduardo (436 posts) -

I killed Playboy X, Francis McReary, Dimitri (didn't take the deal, basically and in the last level, Pegorino. I spared Darko and the various dudes that offered that choice in the course of the game.

The turn around wasn't nearly as big as what was hyped, but cool nonetheless.

#22 Posted by OroJackson (688 posts) -

I killed Playboy X, killed Francis, and I took the deal. I took the deal because the money would help out and when Roman was killed, I was so fucking pissed unlike ever in my life and I killed the scum Dimitri with a fucking bat.

After it was over, and Niko says "I want Roman back" I actually teared up a little. Thats the power of GTA lV.

#23 Posted by RabbitKarrot (368 posts) -

I killed Playboy X.

I killed Francis.

I killed Drako.

And in the end i chose pride over money, and killed Dimitri.

Lot'sa killing.

#24 Posted by DaveH (4 posts) -

I killed Playboy X cos he was a dick

I killed Francis for the same reason

I let Darko live

And I took revenge

#25 Posted by TheDarkSlayer (67 posts) -

Killed Ivan, Playboy X, Derrick.
I let Darko live and I took revenge.

#26 Posted by Lies (3985 posts) -

Killed Playboy
Killed Francis
Didn't kill Darko
Didn't take the deal.

#27 Posted by chililili (1432 posts) -

Killed Playboy (He was an ass)
Killed Derrick (I thought having a police chief on my side would be more useful)
Killed Darko (Thought that Nico would definitely want to as well as the gay guy)
Got revenge, I mean Roman was complaining about money when I had 500000 on my char, getting more would be useless.

#28 Posted by Hugo (2 posts) -

Is it me or no one liked Playboy X? (Yeah, I killed him too)

#29 Posted by ThaMilkMan (385 posts) -

yeah I'm thinking no one like playboy X lol

so let me get the story straight Kate got killed in my game right after the marraige when does Roman die and what decision prompts that again??

#30 Posted by Jrad (638 posts) -
I didn't shoot Ivan,
I shot Playboy X
I also shot Francis
I let Darko live,
and I went for revenge.

Seriously though, I didn't care that Kate died. I just sort of acknowledged it. I went on ONE date with her, and she got pissed off at my expensive clothes, so I completely ignored her for the rest of the game. I'm not going to degrade Niko by making him wear some old dirty $30 outfit now that he's made it big...
#31 Posted by Hiro_of_Time (11 posts) -

Wow I feel those of us who killed Derrick are in a minority.

I killed Ivan, which wasn't really my fault, at that point in the game I didn't know you could chose to kill or not. I shot Ivan before I even got to him, I got a headshot as he was climbing the ladder.
I shot Playboy X because I didn't like him and liked the idea of a new house and outfit.
I killed Derrick, purely  because I wanted to be able to call Francis and get the cops off my back, but found out it's useless on a mission.
I don't know who darko is, unsure if I've met him yet. (I'm upto the final few missions).
I'm planning to take revenge, I don't want roman to die.

#32 Posted by CasualJoe (24 posts) -

Killed Playboy
Killed Francis
Killed Darko
Didn't take the deal.


#33 Posted by THE_END (592 posts) -

Everyone here keeps talking about Darko........I don't remember seeing him.  Who is this person?

#34 Posted by adarai (3 posts) -

My first go through the game:
Killed Playboy X
Killed Francis
Spared Darko
Killed Dimitri

On my second time around I did the exact opposite:
Spared Playboy X
Spared Francis
Killed Darko
Worked with Dimitri

The first play through decisions melded into the story better.

But killing Darko and the assassin at the wedding was pretty great on that second go around.

#35 Posted by chililili (1432 posts) -
THE_END said:

Everyone here keeps talking about Darko........I don't remember seeing him.  Who is this person?

Darko/Drako is the guy who betrayed you when you were a child soldier
#36 Posted by Homer (1366 posts) -

Killed Ivan,
Shot Dwayne,
Shot Francis,
Killed Darko,
Went for money

#37 Posted by Kevin (399 posts) -

Kill Playbox X (Guy was a tool and also got deagle early in game)

Kill Darko (Felt after all that searching, letting him go would just be a waste. Also, maybe I was just putting him out of his misery)

Kill Francis (Guy just seemed like a douche and his 70's porn moustache didn't help either)

Revenge (There was no way Dmitri wouldn't cross me over)

#38 Posted by Hizang (9360 posts) -

I just finished it now, little late top the party but hey.

  • Killed Playboy X - Really didn't like the way he wanted to kill of Dwayne just like that.
  • Killed Francis - Cops fool!
  • Killed Darko - I had been searching for him the entire time, felt right.
  • Deal - Ok so I spent a lot of time thinking about it, I instintivly wanted to go for revenge. But Roman kept texting me saying how I should just let it go, I thought I had put him through emough shit so I did deal. I never knew what would follow though, I really felt bad about myself, but whats done is done.

Overall the game is great, I understand at last, over all of these years of me not really liking it it turns out GTAIv is a good game.

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