Favorite GTAIV character?

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Sups duders,

While PSN was down i dipped into some old single player games like GTAIV and remembered how much i loved the characters in them. In short:

Who's your favorite character and maybe a why if you feel like it?
My top? Split between Patrick McReary, Brucie and Yusef from TBOGT.
McReary because i personally saw him as the kind of guy id want as a friend in real life, he was a cool dude, honest, and didnt really take shit, i really loved his character.
Brucie and Yusef pretty much for the same reason- They are both bat-shit crazy and funny, i really loved their dialogues, good stuff.
Runner ups would be: Niko himself, roman, romans taxi-driver 
and yours? 
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Lil Jacob because i can't understand wth he's saying lol.

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Little Jacob always delivered mahn..............
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Yusuf Amir, no contest.

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Patrick McReary was awesome. By far my favorite character in that game.

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I never actually finished the game, so I didn't see all the characters, but I'd have to just go with Niko.

Given all the stupid things he gets dragged in to and all the stupid open world stuff that you can make him do, that I can still empathise with the character is impressive.
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I didn't like Yusuf. I felt like they were trying too hard to create Roman. In fact, I'd like to pretend the Ballad just didn't exist. As much as I was looking forward to it, I really don't think it delivered all that well. The new characters were basically just annoying exaggerated versions of characters from the main game.

Niko was my favorite. I also really liked Little Jacob, Roman, and Brucie. Playboy would have been cool if he wasn't such a buster.

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Bas Rutten.

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Brucie, the ALPHA MALE!

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Roman. Definitely Roman.

He's Niko's cousin by the way.
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I think Lil Jacob, after spending a short while with him I learnt some all important shooting techniques and even some new skills behind the wheel, all this from a guy who needs subtitles to get even close to understanding anything he says!

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Yusuf definitely, Roman's just a close second.

Funny the scene where he was caught by his dad without pants, with a hooker, snorting drugs and dancing while holding the Gold Uzi
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No McReary fans? uncool haha

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Little Jacob or Overweight African-American Pedestrian #3. Tough decision.

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Are we counting Chinatown Wars as GTA4 cannon?

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@mosespippy: I think you know the answer to that.
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Probably patrick.

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@arcade78: Well the only likeable character in CW is the porn star/assassin that is introduced in mission 2 and killed in mission 3. Since we aren't counting CW though then Dwayne Forge is the winner.
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Brucie all the way.

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Brucie, however TBOGT made him out to be a homosexual sissy. I dunno what was up with that.  After that? Yusuf.

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Little Jacob.
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Yusuf Amir. Most entertaining character ever.

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