Gamers Gate Sale, Which To Get?

#1 Posted by Dangazzm (30 posts) -

Ok so me and my buddy will both be getting these to jack around online with. Don't worry though I will be beating single player as I haven't done that yet. My main question is, today there is a sale on the Episodes from liberty city, not the pack but the individual episodes. I read that the episodes have multiplayer but gamers gate shows that they don't. So I just wanted to get a response as to if Episodes from liberty city HAS MULTIPLAYER? And if you know if buying the individual episodes includes it, as well as which one is better? Normal IV or episodes.
As for single player I read that Episodes is better but a lot shorter 20 hours? With side missions of course, but IV was much longer if I am not mistaken but that's not too big of an issue for me at all...

#2 Posted by Winternet (8082 posts) -

Buy the GTA:IV+episodes pack.

#3 Posted by Dangazzm (30 posts) -

Yea I will totally buy both, but as I know I vaguely stated it :P they sell them separate... They have the pack but that's 25 bucks where as it is 5 bucks for each episode on sale, sucks I know. BUT I wanna make sure I get EVERYTHING when I do purchase those episodes. Thanks for the input though, they will keep me busy for a while.

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