Grand Theft Auto IV: Complete question?

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I had two questions about the complete collection.

The first question is does it have the extra content that the "Episodes from Liberty City" had on disc opposed to the DLC version of the episodes (you got a retro radio station on the disc version but not on the downloadable version)?

The other question is this a separate game trophy wise or will it put the trophies in my existing GTAIV section.

Long story short is tomorrow I'm picking up my PS3 games from the pawn shop, but I'll be selling the majority back to them. GTA 4 is part of that group. Would it be better to bring it home and download the two episodes or leave it at the pawn shop and pick up the complete collection. (and sadly I lost my save so I'll have to play through the first half of the game all over again. It's a great game. In my personal top 5, but I've put 60 hours total into the game and started over at the 30 hour mark because of the trophy patch. With LA Noire coming out I'm not sure I'll have the time to do that, but this is me getting sidetracked).

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IDK about the first question but it will probably put in the existing GTA IV section (It happened to me in EFLC, I even got some GTA IV trophies while playing the Episodes)

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So if anyone wanted to know the answers to these questions.

The complete edition does have the extra content of the episodes pack has because it is the episodes pack. The wonders of the PS3 puts all three on one disc but for game purposes you own GTA 4 and the episodes disc (which means the radio stations aren't complete since when playing the episodes the game will not access the GTA 4 content even going so far as putting the episodes on there own install file).

Can't even switch between the games either. Each one is its own game.

So I would recommend just downloading the episodes. The extra radio station isn't worth not having all that music from the other stations. My situation got me the complete edition and I don't regret it since it got me the episodes.

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