GTA 4 frustrations

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So I'm late to the party, but I'm playing GTA 4 now.  I'm getting really frustrated when i die near the end of a mission because you have to start back at the very beginning of the mission.  How does a game get so many "perfect" scores with this huge flaw?  Anybody else find this frustrating or is it just me?

#1 Posted by jeff4moso (263 posts) -

So I'm late to the party, but I'm playing GTA 4 now.  I'm getting really frustrated when i die near the end of a mission because you have to start back at the very beginning of the mission.  How does a game get so many "perfect" scores with this huge flaw?  Anybody else find this frustrating or is it just me?

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I thought it was just fine but many people have the same problem that you do.  GTA IV is not perfect and there is no such thing as a perfect game.

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NOT PERFECT? Then what is 5stars!? 10points?! 
Holy crap. You hair is a bird.

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because the point of the missions is not to die

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@chicubs223420: GTA's had that sort of mission outlook for... maybe since the beginning.  I thought there might be a few checkpoint missions in there somewhere but maybe not.  It's pretty rough when you get close and fail, but it's a rush when you manage to finally beat the thing.  I guess what makes it OK with me personally is that as long as the mission goal is pretty clear, I'm OK with freewheeling it around the rest of the environment if I fail, rather than just trying to beat the same mission over and over again. 
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The expansions at least sorted that issue out...better late than never.
Though me personally, I never had too much of a gripe with it because I found GTA4 fairly easy overall.
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I agree, sometimes i felt it was a little bit like this at times. Just always make sure you have full health, body Armour and a powerful weapon. And use the cover system ALL THE TIME :) It helps so much.
Also take Taxis everywhere you go, it eases the frustration a little bit. When you constantly have to get from A to B and keep failing, give Roman a call and ask him to send a taxi. Easier than driving and failing the mission.

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@Dom said:
" because the point of the missions is not to die "
This. If there was no punishment for dying (e.g. lost items, lost progress, lost time) then you may as well just turn God mode on. 
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I'd like to think i'm good at games, I can finish many games on their hardest modes with a tiny bit of effort but GTAIV frustrated the hell out of me. I just couldn't understand why I couldn't do it right. I never found any of it particularly easy and ended up having to cheat using the phone a ton of times to finish it . This being the ONLY major release of the last 10 or so years that i have had to use a cheat to finish. 
The checkpointing  or lack of is utter bullshit really considering the final mission in the game actually has one It just makes the game pretty unfair  and the shitty cover system doesn't help either.
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They aren't all that difficult to me.
Before starting any mission, makes sure you have:
1. full health.
2. a piece with at least 50 rounds (after Lil Jacob gave you his piece).  
And always go for head shots if you're playing on PC. Covers are important as well.
I beat the game restarting missions for less than ten times.

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I had no problem with it. The missions are all fairly short, and I didn't die often. 'cept that stupid bank robbery which I must have failed like 10 times.

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Pro tip: Don't die.
But yeah it's so annoying.. Especially the final mission :<

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If you play the games with cheats to make shit easier and to enjoy the story you are doing it right.
If you don't turn your phone off and only like open world games for DERRRR ROCKET LANCHARS AND HELECOPTARS HURRRR or for the mission structure you are doing it wrong.

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I agree that it is a major problem. It's the reason why I have and never will complete the game.
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GTA 4 is the easiest game in the series if you ask me. Just be sure to use cover or try crouching while shooting (it makes your aiming more acurate). If you get really frustrated you can always kill every innocent civillian in sight.

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It's just how GTA has been since ever. I'm fine with it

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I love GTA IV, but I agree that if there is one glaring flaw, it the lack of checkpoints. They fixed this in the episodes though, as someone mentioned.
I remember I got a little frustrated during some difficult missions on the PS3 version, but I had no problems when replaying it on the PC. (yes.)
Probably because shooting dudes in the face is easier, and also I got better at it and remembered stuff etc.
It's a good point though, that it makes the experience tenser and adds more consequence for failure, and therefore more reward for victory, perhaps.
But there's also just a point when it stops being fun because you have to replay shit a dozen times. So, uh, yeah.

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I can see why it may frustrate you, but that's not a flaw in the game.  If you were not penalized in some way for dying they might as well just give you infinite health.  Aside from that very few of the missions are actually hard and the long ones all have checkpoints.  I personally love the GTA franchise and it's my favorite single player franchise and I do believe that GTA 4 along with MGS4 are the best games of this video game generation.

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yeah that's no flaw at all, that's just game design.
what really is frustrating is helicopters. and those goddamn motorbikes. especially when they're part of a mission.

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 I'll second the importance of cover. Have recently returned to GTA4 myself a) to prepare myself for Red Dead Redemption, and b) finally get the bugger finished, and am finding having to restart every mission from the beginning again a pain myself. But GTA has always been like that - as a matter of fact it's been endemic to sandbox games from the beginning. Am having the same problem with Saint's Row 2, which I'm also trying to finish.

As much as I love these kinds of games I always find them way too unforgiving past a certain point, so I never finish them. A lot of it is because the controls are always fiddly on some level, or slightly clunky. Even though I personally love the car handling in GTA4 (Ever wondered who that guy was? Howdy!), Niko himself moves like a fucking tank and the cover system ain't the most graceful thing around.

But it's essential, so my advice is to take cover always and go nice and slooow - the cover/movement system isn't built for speedy gunplay, and will be a bitch to deal with if you try to rush. Stick to cover and wait for the other guy to pop out of his.

Of course, now that I've done all this bitching about sandbox games I should point out that I'm waiting with bated breath for RDR - so obviously I can't complain TOO much!

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Sorry to necro an old thread but good god I just had to say that I cannot stand the lack of checkpoints in the missions not because of the difficultly but after you have driven to to the checkpoint in a 5min car ride 10 times it gets really really old.

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@bhhawks78: you suck at life
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Ever since the Snow Storm mission where you have that long drive and then get the drugs from the old church, the missions to me have become stupid and frustrating. It's bad enough having to follow a train that Rockstar knows you cannot complete the first time, but when you have a long long drive and then have a long long chase after someone on a motorcycle that can drive as though there is no physics on the planet and then you finally knock him off and there is cop there and you point th gun at him and before you can pull the trigger the policeman arrests you, but he's not one of the one's you can run from, he is one of the one's that has you to rights. So after a good 120 mins of frustrating driving then frustrating chasing you cannot complete the mission because the programming is totally random!
Then there are the shooting missions. Long drive to get to them, huge fire-fight and the last guy gets a lucky shot, and you cannot restart the mission because its not a real restart if you don;t get the ammo bac!
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The Episodes From Liberty City has that checkpoint system where it restarts the mission from the middle.

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