GTA IV confirmed for PC

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Kill_BLACKS_and_JEWS said:
"ps3 versions the best"
Wow dude... your username and avatar pic just COULDN'T be any more offensive could it ?
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Mods and this game will be incredibly awesome. can't wait

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No surprise here.  I have been holding off from getting a console version of the game because I know the best experience will be on the PC.  No console can play the game at 1920x1200.  The actual resolution that they render the game in (which is different than what they output to the TV) doesn't even come close.

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whatever got it in my ps3 and its no t that hot anyway

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well what kind of pc would run this

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I knew this would be coming, GTA was always on the PC anyways.

This will be great for gaming on very high settings and higher resolutions with mods, damn very nice indeed

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sohail1234 said:
"well what kind of pc would run this"
Now that's what I'm concerned about but I think Rockstar will do a great job
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I guess PC gamers who have a decent PC should have no problem running it... but for myself, I'll be sticking with the 360 version. My PC isn't bad but it's sure not up to the task of running a game like GTA IV.

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albaker said:
"I knew this would be coming, GTA was always on the PC anyways.

This will be great for gaming on very high settings and higher resolutions with mods, damn very nice indeed
Yeah I don't doubt it, I think it will have the same requirements as Assassin Creed for PC. lol
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Hm, oh well. No PC version of GTA IV... YET! Wait until the expansion pack hits for the 360 and then we'll probably get a real annoucement about the PC version of the game.

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Should be fun wit mods

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This game better have a good modding community.

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Probably will

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I kind of expected this.

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it's bound to happen

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If I will ever buy GTAIV, that'll certainly not be the PC version. I think I'll go with the 360 one. Also, nothing unexpected. Look at the past GTA games, they all came out on PC after their initial console releases.

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Thats sounds cool.

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Like my pc would ever run it.

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Don't think anyone should be surprised...every other GTA hit PC afterward.You're going to need a good rig to run it on max settings though.

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I look forward to being able to play the game at a decent framerate and without massive pop-up.

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The game's framerate is fine as is, but the pop-up is really bad in spots. If I had a machine that could run it I'd look into it.
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My PC should just about run it, but only if I get some more RAM. I'll do whatever it takes to get this beast running on my machine though!

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The extended multiplayer and the mods will make this port superior to the console versions.

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Will it use Windows live for multilayer?

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Here come the mod that shoots rockets out of bikes

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Multiplayer will be a big thing for this game to succeed

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