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Kind of late to ask this but I wanted to make a T-Shirt with the font of the text in the GTA IV Menus. Not the font of the logo, but the font of the text menus. Like this T-Shirt has. 
Anyone knows what's the name of the font? Help is appreciated.


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Nope, sorry. It's a commercial font.

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That'd be the one. 

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Ok, thanks for the help. Got the Helvetica font (besides being commercial). Could not find the first font.

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So, in these 3 weeks I "did" (copied) the design of the T-Shirt I mentioned on the OP. Why did I do this?

1º - If I'd bought the T-Shirt from Rockstar Warehouse it would have been 50$ (including postage to europe). It's way expensive.
2º - I'd prefer a white T-Shirt with black letters, than the opposite as sold by Rockstar.

Used Adobe PS CS5 and ordered it from Zazzle. In total, with postage, it cost 15$. Way cheaper in my perspective.
The back of the T-Shirt is slightly different, with the "Liberty City" words bigger and in the middle of the back.
If anyone want the design files (.png;.psd) and text fonts, PM me.

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@dcgc: That is a damn smart idea. Mind if I do the same? :)
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@dcgc: that's a pretty kick ass shirt
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Bootleg ass GTA IV shirt. I like it.

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That's a pretty epic shirt.
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You stole the idea for a grand theft auto shirt.... i like it!

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Grand Theft Cotton?

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I like your t-shirt more than the original, much better as a white shirt with black text IMHO.

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