GTA IV not working on Windows 8?

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So I bought GTA IV through Amazon and redeemed the key in Steam, downloaded it in Steam, and installed it in Steam. I installed Games for Windows Live without any problem and signed into Rockstar Social Club without problem.

I can launch the game, however when I hit play it gets stuck on the loading screen. It'll just play the music and loop the music infinitely until I restart my computer.

I can't seem to find a solution for the problem. I've read you should reinstall games for Windows which I did but it made no difference. I right click the lanucher.exe and it doesn't give me a compatibility mode tab, so I can't try that.

Any way to get this to run?

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Any advice, or anyone else ever experience this?

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Nope... Don't think so....for one there's no Windows Live directory to put those files in... at least not anywhere I can find.

EDIT: Okay I installed all of the optional Windows 8 updates, plus a recommended update and now it works. Sweet :)

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Okay it worked that once and ever since then I get the same problem, it won't get past the loading screens. Any other advice?

#6 Posted by VictoriaJanePearmain (1 posts) -

Got the same problem. I just thinking Windows 8 just can't play it anymore.

#7 Posted by Zella (836 posts) -

It's been working for me with 64 bit Windows 8, or at least it was a couple days ago, I haven't played since.

#8 Posted by ChinaDontCare (111 posts) -

It was working for me a back when i was playing it , WIn8 64 pro

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Are you sure it's just not loading? I have this issue on Windows 7 when I first install GTA IV. It takes forever for it to load. Just keeps looping pictures, but eventually starts.

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@jdh5153: i have a non steam version but facing the same infinite loop problem

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