GTA IV Race Night - Sunday May 15

#1 Posted by Keval_N (150 posts) -

So a few of the race night regulars from Giant Bomb Forza 3 Race Night thought it might be fun to get together and play some GTA IV mulitplayer.  Despite being called race night, there will likely be more screwing around and having random fun than actual racing.

Date: Sunday May 15
Time: 9 PM Eastern Daylight Time
Platform: Xbox 360

If you're not a Forza 3 Race Night regular and would like to participate, you can add me (gamertag Keval N).  Hope we have a good turn out, the more the merrier!

#2 Posted by Sparklykiss (2035 posts) -

This sounds like it could be a terrible/wonderful idea.

#3 Edited by Magicallystoopid (486 posts) -

I already do have one suggestion for the game types me and some of my friends LOVE...

Hidden Rockets, Flying Corpses

A rocket launcher deathmatch on Bohan, basically all blips off except for the leader and raining.

It's insane to be the leader and having EVERYONE on your ass.

Automotive skeet shooting

At that building in Chinatown with the two ramps, one side a group of people with rocket launchers stand and wait for someone on the other end to come flying in on a car, whoever blows up the car mid air scores a point.

Demolition derby

Two prime locations for this, one is the arena on broker near the airport (Seriously what else could it possibly been made for?), but also the roof of the car park on the west end of Alderny next to the driving range. 

If any of you guys have Lost and Damned, there's also motorcycle and sawed off shotgun jousting.

If this becomes a regular thing it needs a name that'll reflect the no doubt chaos that'll ensue.  "Giant Bomb's Night of 1,000 Explosions" for example.

#4 Edited by HayFourZee (370 posts) -

Im in.Could be cool Any idea how many players gta 4 allows?

#5 Posted by stringbacon (94 posts) -

Vanilla GTAIV or the expansions?

#6 Posted by Magicallystoopid (486 posts) -
@Hay4z said:
Im in.Could be cool Any idea how many players gta 4 allows?
16 if memory serves me right.
#7 Posted by Falconer (1812 posts) -

Helicopter and boat races are a MUST, I believe. I might be on tomorrow night or before 9 Sunday in order to get back into the grove of GTA if anyone would care to dick around with me.

#8 Posted by ThePwnee (241 posts) -

This sounds like fun. I might be down.

#9 Posted by slowbird (1819 posts) -
@ShaggyChu: wait, GTA4 has a grove in it?  I love trees!
#10 Posted by Trace (3674 posts) -

I fully endorse and approve of this special Race Night happening. I'll do my best to be there on Sunday!

#11 Posted by Falconer (1812 posts) -
@slowbird: Oh hush. Like you've never made a mistake before, Mr. Second Place.
#12 Posted by Jugnutts (441 posts) -

I'll be there.

#13 Posted by Keval_N (150 posts) -
@Magicallystoopid said:

I already do have one suggestion for the game types me and some of my friends LOVE..."

Sounds like someone is volunteering for hosting duties :)  Although I'd also be happy to host, the game setups in GTA IV aren't very complicated.

  @stringbacon said:

Vanilla GTAIV or the expansions?

Probably vanilla as I know for a fact that some of the people participating do not have the expansions.
#14 Posted by zityz (2366 posts) -

I would but I don't have gold. Now if it was the PC version I'd be up for that no problem.

#15 Posted by beef_daddy (102 posts) -

Bought the game again, just to join the fun.

#16 Posted by Jugnutts (441 posts) -
@beefdaddy82 said:
Bought the game again, just to join the fun.
#17 Posted by Chaser324 (7017 posts) -

Count me in. I need all the Rockstar I can get to hold me over til LA Noire comes out. I'm gonna have to inject this GTA IV racing straight into my eyeball just to get a fix.

#18 Posted by Trace (3674 posts) -

Just a reminder to anyone interested: This GTA IV "Race" Night is two hours away from going down. I'd imagine a few people might be online sooner than that, but we'll see.

Still going to try my best to make it, even if it's just for a little while.

#19 Posted by Th3_James (2592 posts) -

Ughh, I don't play on live anymore. Wish we were all doing this with the PC version. 

I have GTA:IV on all platforms, but still.
#20 Posted by AhmadMetallic (19303 posts) -

sounds fucking awesome

enjoy it guys
#21 Posted by UnsolvedParadox (1862 posts) -

I saw this when you guys were partway through already, doh. Is it going to happen again next week?

#22 Posted by Keval_N (150 posts) -
@UnsolvedParadox: Yep, this is a go again for this Sunday at 9.  Looking forward to seeing you all there!
#23 Posted by SeriouslyNow (8504 posts) -
@Ahmad_Metallic said:
sounds fucking awesome

enjoy it guys
We could do the same thing on PC broski.  I have GTA IV and the expansions.

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