Just started a new playthrough on PC

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I beat this back in the day on the 360 and loved it. I got the PC version with the two DLC packs for a stupid-cheap price on Steam since I just built a new PC anyway. The game plays nicely enough, and runs almost too smoothly at times. The feature making it all worthwhile is the custom radio. Driving around to music I actually want to hear makes this worth playing through again for me. The game has a great story (even though the R* Reluctant Errand Boy Protagonist formula is wearing thin in this day and age) and the characters are still engaging. 
The only thing I didn't miss was the friendship system. I don't like receiving their calls or having to call them to go do things I got tired of doing with them two years ago. It was an interesting experiment but I have a feeling it won't be appearing in this form in any future Rockstar open-world action releases.

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It's much more beautiful on the PC. Yet it has it's performance flaws. I'd go with the console version if I had a console...

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