PC gamers, know any GTA IV mods/customizations?

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In anticipation for GTA V I'm gonna give IV one more, and probably last, playthrough. But this time around I wanna make use of my new powerful PC and mod and customize the hell out of it.

So aside from the ICE ENHANCER which gives photo-realistic visuals (and is rather hard to install and get working), what other stuff do you recommend? Is there a NEXUS-like website for GTA IV? What is the range of stuff I can customize/mod?

Please list the mods/customizations you've used in GTA IV if you ever used any, as well as links to website/blogs with good mods and instructions. Thanks :)


I mean, if Robbaz turned Niko into a Skyrim Walrus and did some hilarious shit with him, then I'm not mistaken to think that IV has a hell of a bigger modding scene than just for graphics!

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