Them GTA 4 Video's you thought were EPIC !!!!

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Hello PEOPLE! I would like to start off by saying that thanks for joining in this Topic, I want to know what people enjoyed about GTA 4 YouTube Gaming videos on YouTube because I make Gaming Clips/Videos on YouTube and I feel people don't give enough feedback on what they truly think. So everyone "Here" post a video link, channel link on a video that you want feedback on for example………. My channel is

My Video that I want Feedback and why !!…………..

Because I thought some of you guys might want to check out a GTA 4 video that I released on YouTube. It basically is Ballad of gay Tony but on the originally

GTA 4 but a trailer in some sort please check it out and write what you think because I need feedback thanks.

Lets gets these videos we think should be heard of !!!!!!

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Given the lack of response, I'm going to lock this thread down for being an thinly-veiled attempt to advertise a YouTube channel. While the video is nice (as is the use of Blind Faith), this falls under YouTube spam and advertising by our forum rules.


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