Where Next For GTA?

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#51 Posted by Arkthemaniac (6872 posts) -

I wanna see a Seattle- like area. If they have to be gritty, go to the grittiest place in America.

#52 Posted by ZombieHunterOG (3529 posts) -

GTA: moonandreas 

imagine jacking a rocket

wait that came out wrong :P
#53 Posted by MMMman (136 posts) -
Sir_Ragnarok said:
"MMMman said:
GTA IV is just a prettier GTAIII"
And I am completely content with that, because III was, and still is, my favorite of the series."

Mine too! I love the purity of III, it's the only one i go back to and play through again every now and then. I think its the only last generation GTA to get the tone of the story spot on too; Vice City was just too Scarface and San An's plot is just all over the place.
#54 Posted by BigBoss1911 (2650 posts) -

Im hoping they go back to San Andreas.GTA 4 engine in san andreas......aw man...

#55 Posted by Emilio (3583 posts) -

If they go to the future, they should do it a bit like Blade Runner. RIGHT? AM I RIGHT?!?!

#56 Posted by KingBroly (1699 posts) -

Cut out 75% of the story, focus on free-roaming stuff.  That's where they should go.  You know, the fun stuff.

#57 Posted by alexl86 (699 posts) -
"What Houser said,, is that GTA games arent getting any smaller, so the next installment of GTA will be on the ps3 exlcusivley.

No, he said they were looking for solutions to bring the game to 360. Making PS3 exclusives is bad for business, there aren't enough of them out there. Why do you think FFXIII suddenly went multiplatform? There aren't enough PS3's out there for the developers to really make a profit.
#58 Posted by Mistyshadow (293 posts) -

I'd likely to see the next GTA game in a different city that hasn't been done such as London, Tokyo, Hong Kong or Shanghai for example.

#59 Posted by TheGreatGuero (8882 posts) -

I'd kind of like to see Carser City finally come to life in 3D. Also, I'd totally love to return to Vice City, however I don't want the island to be completely remade like Liberty City was for GTAIV. I love Vice City's design too much the way it is. Unfortunately, as it stands now, it would be too small to be in GTAV alone.

#60 Posted by calf_exercises (880 posts) -

back to VC, I think its is the best sort of setting. it was my favourite one of the last gen GTA's

#61 Posted by creamstatic (124 posts) -

I think the reason GTA London never made it to 3d was that it just didnt "work" for a really epic sandbox environment. I say stay away from London
I agree that Vice City should be the next step. They should just continue with a formulae that absolutely works and is beautiful.
Even GTA London on PS1 was really short compared to the other GTAs on PS1. It just wouldnt cut it in 3d. Anybody seen the Getaway these days?

Right now, I'm just wondering how much Rock* will be jamming into the DLC coming Q1 2009 at the moment.

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