Who is your favourite character in GTA4?

#1 Posted by RelentlessKnight (965 posts) -

Mines Phil Bell because he's insecure and suspicious that someone is spying on him, like the FIB.

Especially on the mission, "To Live or Die in Aldenery"

#2 Posted by FoolInjection (210 posts) -

Lil' Jacob.  Without a doubt.  The things he says, the way he says them.  I had to turn the subtitles on right enough to understand him half the time but the interactions and conversations between him and Niko were priceless.

#3 Posted by Toseph (370 posts) -

Definitely Brucie he's a legend

#4 Posted by Roybot (33 posts) -

Packie, i like the irish..

#5 Posted by AuthenticM (3816 posts) -

Brucie FTW !

#6 Posted by OroJackson (680 posts) -

Roman because he is just so gullible and optimistic that its kinda funny.

#7 Posted by Riddler (1528 posts) -

Brucie without a doubt


#8 Posted by DaveH (3 posts) -

Definitly Roman! He's easily the funniest character, though Brucie's a close second

#9 Posted by OGCartman (4354 posts) -


#10 Posted by Nightkiller93 (174 posts) -

Lil Jacob, can't understand a damn word he says but i like him.

#11 Posted by gameshark5 (248 posts) -

guess I'd have to go with Niko. A close second is Roman. They're just so human and likeable

#12 Posted by SymbolliC (261 posts) -

Little Jacob for sure, love the conversations between him and Niko when they're in the helicopter.
"Do you really have to smoke that now?!"

#13 Posted by sdodd02 (722 posts) -


#14 Posted by Julian_jr (418 posts) -

Probably Packie.

#15 Posted by xplodedd (1316 posts) -

Lil Jay

#16 Posted by Lairdo (543 posts) -

lil Jacob

#17 Posted by Soap (3656 posts) -

Little Jacob, not only is he funny but he is also the only character who genuinely seems to care about Niko, plus the amount of missions he helps you out on for no reward or thanks. Little Jacob is the MAN

(I want the DLC to be You and Little Jacob going to jamaica like he promised you on a mission even though it would never happen lol)

#18 Posted by Aaron_G (1619 posts) -

Mine was Niko. He was just a real human-like character that had moral decisions to make.

#19 Posted by Schadenfreude (206 posts) -

Genetically different baby!

#20 Posted by gameshark5 (248 posts) -

only thing i didnt like about Little Jacob was the fact that i couldnt understand a damn thing he was saying

#21 Posted by Columbo (4 posts) -

United Liberty Paper.

#22 Posted by PS3GOTCHAINSAWED (8 posts) -

Packie cause hes irish just like me

#23 Posted by Orgazmorater (70 posts) -

Badman, cuz he says rudeboy every 2 seconds. OR the random guy u meet on the street who chops up his wife.

#24 Posted by ducky (3 posts) -
For me, Brucie wins this big time.

Ice Cold Baby...Ice Cold!!!

#25 Posted by Toriko (82 posts) -

Definately Lil Jacob or Packie

#26 Posted by Arsenal99 (29 posts) -


#27 Posted by kmdrkul (3476 posts) -
Riddler said:

Brucie without a doubt


#28 Posted by crack_rabbit (7 posts) -

Bad Man - if you have trouble understanding lil Jacob then this guy is just talking gibberish. But I likes him.

#29 Posted by fasteddie (8 posts) -

I like Packie; his missions were fun and he was always interested in gettin' straight to the action. Brucie and Bernie were good for laughs.

#30 Posted by Otacon (2209 posts) -

It has to be Little Jacob, that guy is awesome

#31 Posted by suneku (2997 posts) -

Little Jacob was awesome

#32 Posted by L (1680 posts) -

I've always liked Brucie. Straight up to the point kinda guy.

#33 Posted by toxicEnchiliada (330 posts) -

Packie because he lived with his mom yet he still manged to be extremely badass. And he has one if not thee best mission in the game (Three Leaf Clover)

#34 Posted by BlackCurtain (60 posts) -

For me it was Niko. He is just a very likable, "human" character, with a lot of humor as well.

#35 Posted by DappaDizzle (179 posts) -

tie between brucie and packie

#36 Posted by WorldsFastestShrimpPeeler (458 posts) -

lil jacob

#37 Posted by mr_korean (610 posts) -

Brucie he was too funny

#38 Posted by Shadz (201 posts) -

Brucie was funny as hell. Packie was cool too, though.

#39 Posted by seraph973 (26 posts) -

Brucie is my fave character. All that testosterone! haha! freakin hilarious

#40 Posted by Doc_Zaius (119 posts) -

Jacob is me breda, sight?

#41 Posted by Pete (65 posts) -

I loved Brucie, I wish they had more missions for him.

#42 Posted by error11 (79 posts) -


#43 Posted by JNYR (112 posts) -

Tie between Lil' Jacob and Brucie.

#44 Posted by TomA (2531 posts) -

Roman,Little Jacob,Packie,or that gay guy is funny too.

#45 Posted by Breadfan (6590 posts) -

Definitly Brucie

#46 Posted by Player1 (3921 posts) -

Lil Jacob. He says some amazing stuff...I just reccomend subtitles. Hes the character that I acually tried to impress. And felt bad when I let him down. He was a great wing man in the last few missions

#47 Posted by ThaMilkMan (356 posts) -

Niko, Roman, Kate then Roman's girl I forget her name though lol but yeah those were the emotional peeps in the game but if you want the comedy then of course Brucie!!!! haha

#48 Posted by xFRIGx (77 posts) -

Besides the obvious of Niko, I suppose I would have to say Brucie. His lines are priceless and his attitude is hilarious. Plus he is supposed to take after FPS Doug, and that is a definite win.

#49 Posted by Deadbolt543 (14 posts) -

Brucie.  Like...noone else compares.  Brucie.

#50 Posted by papercut (3640 posts) -

Packie is one bad ass Irish bastard.
Drive him around and you'll know why he's awsome

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