Who likes free mode multiplayer? Likes/dislikes of the multiplaye

#1 Posted by Angre_Leperkan439 (369 posts) -

Who here likes free roam? Personally, I love just running around with a group of other players, doing whatever comes to mind, be it killing cops, each other, helicopter duels, racing, fight club, turf war, etc etc.
I have, however, a few complaints about the multiplayer:
1. Sometimes, when everybody is in one area, the frame rate starts to bog down. Of course, I can understand why, with the mass amount of people and things happening. Nonetheless, something that saddens me.
2. If you go to a random area by yourself, sometimes there's just nobody there. Like, no cars, civilians, anything. It's rather lonely, and makes it hard to find a car or anything >:l but once again, they load the areas around the majority of the players with people, so it takes a while when you move to a new area for it to load.
What are your guy's thoughts/complaints about the multiplayer, specfically free mode?

#2 Posted by Yummylee (23702 posts) -

Never could get into the multiplayer, personally. Even free mode couldn't keep me in that long.
#3 Posted by MonkeyMelon (225 posts) -
@Angre_Leperkan439:  I really like the free roam as well but I also like the death / team death matches. But I would get mad when you would get on and free roam just to relax, and you would get shot anytime you walked up to another player, because all they wanted to do was shoot anything in sight. But then again I would get like that to sometimes, but I would go to death match, as not to piss other people off. But if they had friendly fire off and were still trying to kill you with explosives or running you over with cars, I  would just stalk them with a chopper and keep killing them until they left the game.   Plus I always found it hard to get a group of guys together.
But those are all small problems compared to how much fun multiplayer is.
#4 Posted by Angre_Leperkan439 (369 posts) -
@MonkeyMelon: Agreed, except I never had trouble finding at least one like-minded person in my free mode matches. We'd just group up, get to the airport, load up on a helicopter, get a buncha weapons, and just drop into the battlezone. We'd own ass for a while, smoke everybody, then we just fly away and resupply on everything. And I'd do that too, where I'd kill somebody over and over till they left. Haha, a few weeks ago me and like 6 other guys were all teamed up, killing this one guy who wouldn't help us(we were planning to fight the cops). He attacked us, and we retaliated until he ended up quitting like, 2 hours later. Haha
#5 Posted by MonkeyMelon (225 posts) -

 @Angre_Leperkan439:   Yeah I do the same, I mostly find 1 or 2 guys, but it's not like all the videos I see of like 7 or 8 guys going around and reeking havoc. And sometimes I get mad if I get ganged up on by 2 or 3 guys, and I go get a attack chopper and kill everybody i see on the map,  and just wait and see how long it takes till i'm kicked, or everybody leaves. And that's only if they attack first.
I don't use the headset that much though, so that's probably why I don't have ton of people together.                             Do you use a headset?

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Totally, I normally provoke people hahahaha, like I fly right above them in my chopper and just float there. If they shoot...well, that's obvious. Lolz

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Me and my friends had a lot of fun with GTA's free mode but after a while it starts to get very boring and there were some problems with the game but they were easily forgotten because of the amount of fun you were having. 

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The "Cops N' Robbers" mode saved that game for me, although it was ruined when people memorized the getaway points based on the starting spawn and all the babies turning auto-aim on for over half the lobbies.

#9 Posted by Pie (7227 posts) -
@Angre_Leperkan439: I don't know for sure but I think that I may be that guy you hunted. Guess we'll never know for sure but...
#10 Edited by Sogeman (912 posts) -

The Multiplayer is stupid. All it does is keep me from my achievements.

#11 Posted by TheKeyboardDemon (870 posts) -

I haven't played in ages, in fact last time was before I got my current graphics card, I've been meaning to have a go for ages, hopefully I'll get some time between my sessions on Crysis 2 MP demo and Test drive unlimited 2.

#12 Posted by HistoryInRust (6671 posts) -

Free Roam is great. It's awesome just to cruise a city with some friends and shoot the shit. 

#13 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8734 posts) -

Saint's Row 2 >> GTA IV with free roaming/co op nonsense.
GTA IV gets so bland, its nothing more then cops and robbers really, but SR2 allowed me and my cousin to do everything the game had to offer.
GTA is great but GTA V has to step it up in the multiplayer department.

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