Why does this receive so much hate?

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#51 Posted by Milkman (17779 posts) -

People fear change.

#52 Posted by Brendan (8534 posts) -
@Napalm said:
" @Brendan said:
" This game got rave reviews and won several GOTY awards in 2008, so you'll excuse me if I'm a little confused at this thread... "
Because game journalist opinions automatically stand as the "right" opinions. What a retarded statement. "
Unnecessary and completely inflammatory.  Way to raise the bar for decent discussion.  Flagged.
#53 Posted by HandsomeDead (11854 posts) -
@Napalm said:
" @Brendan said:
" This game got rave reviews and won several GOTY awards in 2008, so you'll excuse me if I'm a little confused at this thread... "
Because game journalist opinions automatically stand as the "right" opinions. What a retarded statement. "
So I should totally listen to proles more than the people who are likely to know what they're talking about?
#54 Posted by RE_Player1 (7940 posts) -

It hasn't aged well. 

#55 Posted by FlyingRat (1447 posts) -

Cause it's popular and that's what people do. If it wasn't so universally praised, i think you could much more easily get those people to say that it's a good game.

#56 Posted by MrFwankie (47 posts) -

The presentation was fantastic, but things got rough when you actually had to play the game. 
The on-foot controls felt broken and the flying controls were definitely broken.
#57 Posted by Stefan (576 posts) -
GTA 4 might be the closest thing we got to realty but it also feels just as boring to me. At some point I had to push myself to continue playing the game even tough I recognized that the details are amazing. Just no fun!!!
#58 Posted by TheMustacheHero (6649 posts) -

Because it didn't have the "Fun sandbox" factor. 

#59 Posted by TwoOneFive (9787 posts) -

it was boring as all hell. and annoying as shit too.  
no checkpoints. remember that shit?!

#60 Posted by InternetCrab (1581 posts) -

Also wondered that. Its by far my favourite game of all time next to Ocarina of Time and i did barely see any problems with it.

#61 Posted by Bollard (6252 posts) -

Because I couldn't finish it... I know there are a few people out there (my cousin included) who loved it to death - he 100%'d it - but I thought it was... meh. The missions sucked ass (except the great bank heist one) and it was too... cityish. It was rather samey, idk. It was fun for a while I guess.

#62 Posted by Undeadpool (5183 posts) -

Backlash from the fact that almost everyone loved it?? I don't know if you've noticed, but when a game comes out and receives positive marks across the board, it just makes people who don't like it scream all the louder. Look at Dragon Age II's metacritic rating for critics and users, as an example.

#63 Posted by GS_Dan (1430 posts) -

Didn't find it all that fun. Loved the world though.

#64 Posted by kingzetta (4497 posts) -

bad controls 
unlikable characters
removal of many things that were in the last game. 
awful story 

#65 Posted by Kyreo (4683 posts) -

Because the controls were terrible.  That's why.  

#66 Posted by Bloodgraiv3 (2728 posts) -

I don't get it, other than the clunky movement I really loved it, but prefered RDR in every way possible. 
#67 Posted by blueaniman93 (618 posts) -

its just not fun at all  
and the controls are aggravating 
the story is kinda silly too 
i dont understand why people like that game 
but opinions, opinions

#68 Posted by ajamafalous (12310 posts) -

I think it's funny that everyone that really liked it is just saying "PEOPLE HATE ON POPULAR THINGS" while clearly ignoring the 2/3 of this thread filled with people who didn't like it giving plenty of reasons why.

#69 Posted by AlexW00d (6654 posts) -
@ajamafalous said:
" I think it's funny that everyone that really liked it is just saying "PEOPLE HATE ON POPULAR THINGS" while clearly ignoring the 2/3 of this thread filled with people who didn't like it giving plenty of reasons why. "
That's the internet for you...
#70 Posted by YoctoYotta (581 posts) -
I love GTA IV. It had its faults, particularly with Niko's character's uneven acting (especially when he got mad and yelled), but I loved the pacing, and the tech behind the world is still kinda mind blowing. It's one of very few games I've actually played through to completion twice, and I wouldn't be surprised if I play through it and the DLC again. With the RAGE engine advancements made in Red Dead Redemption to expand the scope of the terrain so greatly, I'm really excited to see whats up with GTA V.  As far as the game world is concerned, the two biggest missing elements from the environment that totally killed its believability  was the absence of animals (birds, squirrels, cats, dogs, etc) and the absence of children. Understandable why they'd want to leave kids out of the game, but there being no schools or kids walking around an entire metropolis, the largest in the country, is kind of weird.
#71 Posted by Ventilaator (1566 posts) -

Other than doing the same exact missions you've done in all the previous games again, the muddy graphics, the shit framerate (on consoles at least), the questionable controls, the lack of checkpoints, the shitty story ( I mean the part where they try their damndest to present Niko as a human being while he's actually just as big of a psychopath as the previous characters)
...no reason

#72 Posted by Enigma777 (6224 posts) -

Because the car handling is shit.

#73 Posted by EVO (4018 posts) -

I've gotten half way through GTA IV twice before losing interest. A few days ago I started playing it again, from the beginning. Now I'm half way again and I think this time I'm actually gonna finish it. Why? Because I'd forgotten how alive Liberty City feels.
People can criticize the gameplay, story and controls all they like (personally I think they're wrong) but you gotta hand it to Rockstar, they crafted an amazing world.

#74 Posted by BulletproofMonk (2734 posts) -

I loved it, but I can definitely understand why some people hated it.

#75 Posted by waitwhat (260 posts) -

it's because people want to hate on popular things so they pick apart every little detail no matter how minute

#76 Posted by atomic_dumpling (2510 posts) -
I missed the jetpack, the chainsaw and drive-by shooting from a bicycle.
#77 Posted by ApolloJ85 (254 posts) -

The biggest issue I have with the game is its inconsistent tone. If Rockstar wanted to make a serious game they should have cut out the juvenile humour that has long been a staple of the GTA franchise. It's a complaint I also have with RDR. It's a complaint I hope I won't have with LA Noire, but I'm not holding my breath.
All the other crap like awful on foot controls, the shooting mechanic, and the sluggish driving mechanics are minor problems. 
I started to play it again recently and although the game has aged quite poorly, i'm enjoying it more than the first time. That's probably because I have much lower expectations of a Rockstar game these days.

#78 Posted by Mikewrestler5 (638 posts) -
@Enigma777 said:
" Because the car handling is shit. "
Yea, probably because you weren't good at it. The car handling was amazing.
#79 Posted by Agent47 (1931 posts) -
@Mikewrestler5: It also has a LOT of praise.The people who didn't like it were the ones that didn't care for story and simply expected the same crazy shit from GTA:SA.Which wasn't bad but it was a fresh change of pace.I loved the story personally.I think Saints Row 2 was a funer  game, but GTAIV was a better game.Mainly because of the amount of detail and story.
#80 Posted by Enigma777 (6224 posts) -
@Mikewrestler5 said:
" @Enigma777 said:
" Because the car handling is shit. "
Yea, probably because you weren't good at it. The car handling was amazing. "
You're absolutely right! It comes down completely to my lack of skill and not the fact that is a complete piece of shit that makes any car spin out at 20MPH and makes them feel lighter than an anorexic midget...  
#81 Posted by ApolloJ85 (254 posts) -
@Mikewrestler5: You've got to be joking. The only ways that driving a car in GTAIV resembled how a car handles in real life was the ability to accelerate. The guys who designed the car handling must ride bicycles to work.
#82 Posted by ShaneDev (1702 posts) -

People were expecting a silly sandbox shooter like the previous GTA games and were and still are disappointed that it was not. Take that and then add any personal reasons on top like driving or controls and you have the full picture. On the game itself while I really like it I think it was a messy game in that I do not think Rockstar quite knew the way to go with it. The story itself isn't much to talk about, it tries to be gritty and real but then has some simply unbelievable missions like shooting down helicopters over Liberty City hell even Niko a fresh off the boat nobody gets recruited by a shady government agent. The last level really just throws out any sense of realism they were going for. The characters are all fairly forgettable, even Niko. I think RDR gave Rockstar the freedom to make a better game world and story and on a technical level both are very impressive. 
On the subject of the games driving I think anyone who wanted it to go back to the "all cars do 90 degree turns" are idiots.

#83 Posted by Mikewrestler5 (638 posts) -
@ApolloJ85 said:
" @Mikewrestler5: You've got to be joking. The only ways that driving a car in GTAIV resembled how a car handles in real life was the ability to accelerate. The guys who designed the car handling must ride bicycles to work. "
It's not a driving simulator, dude. The driving is fine.
#84 Posted by ClaritySam (645 posts) -

Because it's extremely popular, and lame hipsters like to pretend to be cool by claiming it's rubbish.

#85 Posted by csl316 (10382 posts) -

The gameplay killed it for me.  It's just sluggish.
Regardless, I still spent 20 hours on the game.  Didn't finish it, though.  I tried man, but I just... don't want to.

#86 Posted by mekon (310 posts) -

I'm too lazy to learn the GTA IV maps (and it's huge), so any missions that have a timed element won't work for me. I wasn't keen on the story of an East European immigrant trying to make headway in America as a criminal either, it didn't settle with me as a story for whatever reason. I just like freaking out the locals, stealing cars and driving around. With that in mind Burnout Paradise works better for me, but I still can't be bothered with the races in that game, I just like getting airtime, trying to find the billboards I haven't broken, and watching the car disintegrate. I have Saints Row 2 but I haven't invested any time in it yet, so maybe that will be better. I prefer San Andreas to GTA IV because you can find the highest mountain, cycle off it and see what happens when you hit the floor.

#87 Posted by Szlifier (547 posts) -

Easily one of the best games this generation. Amount of work put into this game is incredible. PC version came out 9 months later and PC ports of GTA were always bad so I'm not taking it into the account.
I don't know how you can compare this game to Saints Row 2. It's incomparable in terms of everything. You can compare it to San Andreas maybe.
I've been playing GTA since 1999. Started with first one on PSX . And I've played every PC/console release of GTA games. GTA IV is absolutely beautiful, even on PS3 which I have now as my 360 broke.
This game is just one of a kind, it doesn't feel like any other.
It's so damn complex. I'm speechless. Even now, on PS3, I'm smiling when I play GTA IV. Pure awesomness, experience like no other. 

I don't want to get into the San Andreas was better debate, because it's ridiculous. I didn't like this stupid gangsta shit and I still don't. On a technical side it's a complete disaster when compared to GTAIV.
I know how shitty it can look and play on average PC and I know that if I hadn't have played it on 360 first I would be a little disappointed. I feel you PC gamers, lack of anti aliasing is a crime in this game. 
However smoothness of console versions. Really polished visuals make this game even better.
I don't know what people see wrong in the controlls. Are you comparing this game to COD or something? I can go between Uncharted 2, Killzone, COD, GTAIV back and forth and don't see a problem.
To sum it up. Great game, unique. Most technically complex game. Best use of physics in gameplay this generation. Huge amount of details. Running over hookers to get money back. Awesome.

#88 Posted by sushisteve (190 posts) -

I greatly enjoyed GTAIV, loved the protagonist, loved the city, but the game mechanics were a bit of a let down. It wasn't that much fun to be driving for long periods of time in the city, and taking the taxi everywhere isn't a proper fix-and the game has you doing a lot of driving. GTA san andreas was a buggy, ugly game (by the time it was ported to Xbox/PC) that still managed to have you feeling like a bad-ass who was taking back an entire state and getting revenge at the same time. Grounding the story in a more realistic tone made the core characters more interesting, but I feel hamstrung the game a bit. Having more GTA 3 like missions running errands for assholes that the a sane character would never trust (I have the same issue with the otherwise stellar RDR) ended up just not being a lot of fun. In Vice City, you end up buying half of the city and running porn studios as you machine gun street punks outside a mall for fun, in San Andreas you start our fleeing from purple-wearing gang members and end up breaking into a casino and flying a harrier jet.  I had a good time with GTAIV, but not quite the same balance of wacky open world/property buying badassery and story.

#89 Posted by SPCTRE (275 posts) -

I love almost every aspect of GTAIV, the strong narrative above all else is what made it my GOTY for 2008.
Personally though, I have two pet peeves with this game - 
1) After beating the main story, I had +$1 million - and jack-all to spend it on.
2) No goddamn garage. And no, the reserved parking spots don't count, because the AI keeps bumping into my vehicles.

#90 Posted by Gaff (2042 posts) -

It does what it does well: It builds an exaggerated version of a real life city, populates it with a huge amount of NPCs, events and things to do.

Except that sectioning off 3/4 of the city feels like a really antiquated way of guiding the player (not to mention jarring in the face of all the realism the game throws at you);
The physics are fidgety as hell (jump, climb, run everywhere you want but God help you if you get stuck in the environment, and hey, Rockstar, aerodynamics, look it up, will ya?);
The characters are unlikable at best, despicable at worst. Niko can lament his past all he wants, but putting all that aside for his quest for revenge just makes him look like a whiner. Also, Brucie, go fuck yourself, seriously. You too, "cousin";
Satirising modern day America is becoming really, really old. Speaking as an European, seeing the same old jokes about guns, violence and sexual hypocrisy just makes Rockstar come across as a cantankerous standup comedian who is running out of new jokes to tell.

#91 Posted by bkbroiler (1659 posts) -

It's nice to see some similar opinions. I was going insane while listening to the GOTY Podcast and the gang was going on about how incredible the game was. My biggest complaint besides the game being generally a bother to play and the controls being awful is the characters are ridiculous. They are completely jarring in the "serious" story, and are still a weird standby from old Rockstar games. I found none of them relateable or likeable or realistic in any way. 

#92 Posted by FirePrince (1772 posts) -

It takes a lifetime to start up.It's not really that impressive graphically.It isn't as fun as the other games were. 
That's my point.That, and the fact that you have to do so much side-work, like taking people to places, and doing things that nobody gives a crap about.
#93 Edited by GetEveryone (4531 posts) -
@Mikewrestler5: Because the world is dreary and the story is dry to the point of being boring. 
I'll site both Vice City and San Andreas as games which provided compelling characters (with CJ providing a very human protagonist) and memorable worlds.  
GTA IV placed us in an overcast NYC, which had virtually no distinguishable areas and goddamn Niko Bellic.
#94 Posted by Korne (640 posts) -

GTA4 was one of the best games of that year, but had a lot of issues in my eyes. The combat controllers were extremely sloppy, and the auto aim always wanted to aim at the nearest pedestrian. The mission structure was pretty good, with the execution missions being the best. And finally, we had the friends calling up in between every mission to do something. If you are like me, you wanted to skip all of these and just play the game... but the game actually penalizes you for not hanging out with them. That always sucks. 

#95 Posted by WinterSnowblind (7595 posts) -

I wouldn't say the hate comes from hipsters..  Even San Andreas still gets mountains of praise and that was far more popular. 
I think the problem was that the typical gamer doesn't play the games for their story or characters, they just want to be able to mess around in an open world..  Which is probably the same reason games like Oblivion are so popular, despite being vastly inferior to other RPG's. 
Personally, I enjoyed GTAIV a lot.. but it wasn't perfect.  To me, it felt like there was too much padding.  Red Dead Redemption did exactly the same thing, the story was great, but the whole middle of the game felt like it existed solely to make the game longer, I think it could have been better with less missions.. or if it had at least made some of them more optional.  I also think many of the gameplay mechanics were pretty dated.  I don't mind a game being difficult but having to reload the game, drive back to the mission giver then drive all the way to a location to start the mission was pretty tedious and only served to slow the game down even more.  And considering the story is meant to be about a troubled character who wants to start a new life away from crime.. he turns to murder, stealing, kidnapping and whatever else just a little too easily and too often.
I do think Saints Row 2 was a better game.  The story wasn't quite as deep (but still pretty good) and the characters weren't as serious but it knew exactly what people want from a sandbox game like these and it delivered on all fronts, it was just sheer crazy and fun.  Sometimes that's all you need from a game.

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