blindeffekt's Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360) review

Welcome to Liberty City.

Graphics 5/5
Gameplay 4.5/5
Story 5/5
Audio 5/5
Length 4.5/5

Grand theft Auto hits the next generation Consoles with the latest installment Grand Theft Auto IV.
Hyped to be one of the best games of 2008, the game delivers on the hype and continues to exceed expectations.
Available on either Xbox360 or Playstation3, fans of the series can finally satisfy the urge to play a new grand theft auto game. You play as Niko Bellic, a man from Serbia migrating to Liberty City to meet your cousin Roman, and to chase the American Dream.


Grand theft auto games has always had a cartoon-like approach and GTAIV is a step away from that.
The graphics in GTAIV are revolutionary and continue to amaze with each minute playing.
Lighting, Weather, Explosions, Gunshots and so much more look excellent in this game,
Its actually quite a technical feat that the consoles don't have much  frame rate drops at the busiest of moments.
The buildings, objects and vehicles are all beautifully  smoothed thanks to the games graphics system.
You may actually find yourself walking around pointlessly just to take in some of liberty city's views.
Night time is when the game really shines, literally. Take to the skies and admire the city's beautiful lighting and the moons reflection on the water.
What im trying to get at here is, the game looks amazing.


The GTA series is known for its constant action. Stealing cars, participating in firefights, Beating random people down. Its all here.
Lets start with the vehicles. You know GTA by now, Cars, motorcycles, Helicopters Boats.
Most of it is contained in GTAIV, with the exception of Airplanes and pedal bikes.
The Driving system has been reworked to fit the "realism" theme of the game, So expect a fully working suspension system and a highly realistic crash system as well. There is a multitude of vehicles to choose from, but with that being said, after 10+ hours of playing you would have used them all.
The shooting system has been totally reworked also. You get the feel early on that this game is going to be far more realistic, and the shooting system reflects this.
Niko can slide up against walls, or pretty much anything he can put his back on.
From here you can pop out and aim, or use blind fire to shoot enemy's down. The guns feel very powerful as they tear through a body, rippling it into a rag doll frenzy.
Explosions are also a notable part of this game, and yes
You can Blind fire the Rocket Launcher.
There is a Multitude of weapons ranging from your standard rifles and handguns to explosive based Weaponry.
The explosive weapons in this game are alot of fun, most notably the RPG.
The impact of explosive weapons send the screen into a orange glow, next you'll see shrapnel fly ( possibly even knocking over Niko or another character ).
Now i HAVE to mention the new physics engine and euphoria, they play a massive part in the game.
Every AI in the game acts human, whether it be walking to a hotdog stand, or holding onto the car door after you jacked it from them. Euphoria is a engine for games, It enables a AI to re-enact a humans top priority. "Self Preservation". Also it  simulates a real human body.
A body will ragdoll tremendously against a full speed car, Wood will splinter when shot, metal will bend when smashing into a solid surface. The physics and AI in this game are extremely well done, and you have to experience it for yourself.
Naturally there are a few issues with the games AI and shooting, but it doesn't  take away from the experience too much.


The Story of GTAIV is of blockbuster movie quality.
You play Niko Bellic, a Slavic man in his 30's. He is of Serbian Ethnicity.
He has a cousin living in Liberty City of America. His cousin has it all, Cars, Women and a mansion.
When Niko arrives in Liberty, hes quick to find out his cousins story's are all lies and really Roman is in heavy Debt.
The Characters you meet along the way are so lifelike and so full of humor that you'll glee with joy everytime a cutscene comes into play.
The games story takes you from the seedy dark streets of Hove Beach, right up to the neon and advertisement fulled streets of Algonquin. It has you meet such original characters like Little Jacob, the Jamaican Drug Dealer, or Packie, an Irish street thug. And for the first time ever for a GTA game, A multiple choice Ending.
The Story in GTAIV is incredibly immersive and entertaining and is up there with the best.


The Audio in GTAIV is perfect.
That is the one word to describe the sounds of the radio, vehicles, weather and people. Just perfect.
The sound immerses you into Liberty City, you can hear people have detailed conversations some of which iv only heard once. The amount of dialect in this game is so vast, you'll hardly ever hear the same thing twice.
There is a total of 19 Radio stations, each with its own unique theme and music.
Rockstar have a good reputation for selecting music to reflect the theme and age of the GTA games, and this installment is no exception.
The sounds of the environment are also very lifelike and very detailed, and a problem with most games is sound becoming repetitive and annoying. This is not the case for GTAIV.


Grand Theft Auto IV is a average spanned game, which can be summed to about 30-40 hours of story gameplay.
Theres even an achievement for 360 owners to finish the game in under 30 hours.
This is no excuse to rush the game, i advise people to take their time with this masterpeice of a story/game and enjoy every minute of it.
360 Owners are getting content which will add to the length of this game which is a plus.

In Summation Grand Theft Auto IV for PS3/360 is a true masterpiece and should not be missed. AT ALL.


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