supakoopatroopa's Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360) review

The first next gen GTA, nothing could be more excitiing

I had been playing GTA since the PS1 days, diving around in bird's eye view, burping and farting in people's faces (if you haven't played, you might not understand), always watching out for the guys in the red shirts, and never imagined it would turn into something like this.

You could see the progression in graphics of the GTA series for PS2. Each game, GTA 3, Vice City, San Andreas, looked a little better each time. This one, however, made a huge leap in realism.

The gameplay was practically the same as the past games, only with better graphics and physics. The story was about as involved as the last games as well, it must be hard to try and top themselves each time they make a new game.

The main character is a unique twist and it's cool to see Liberty City 10 years later. Again, this is one of those games where you would have had to play GTA 3 when it came out to get the full nostalgic effect. The game wasn't as customizable as San Andreas though, I guess due to the fact that developers had a time schedule and the game seemed like enough of a project already.

I didn't really care for the music in this one, but a lot of people do like it, that's a matter of personal preference in music. Other than that, the game was great. Who doesn't like jacking cars and cappin muhfuggas?

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