sins_of_mosin's Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360) review

Worth playing.

*This review started on 8/18/2008 and took a few entries.*

Yup, I'm that one person who hasn't played this game. True, I did try it way back in May but I had other games on my mind then. It didn't help that I hated how the textures would load slowly or the draw distance was messed up. That and I didn't care for the car physics. I know they did one update for MP but maybe they did another to the textures because I rarely see it now and the draw distance is fine. I had to get use to the cars but it's not much of a issue now. I also decided to play this game now because I have two weeks before Mercs 2 comes out so I needed a long game.

Still playing and I'm enjoying it much more after unlocking the 2nd big island. The 3rd island is a bit of a let down if you ask me. There is a couple things I wish would be fixed but the game is still a solid 9.0. I would raise it to 9.5 if they fixed those issues. I have about 15-20 missions left and have done most of the side missions like get cars, be a delievery guy, assasin, ect ect. I doubt the game will last me till Mercs 2 comes out but I'm looking forward to just messing around after the story is done.

Finished it up and was pretty much disappointed in the last few missions. I plan on going back and getting those 30 cars and just messing around but thats not a high priority right now. I do plan on busting it out later this month when we have our monthly 360 LAN party.


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