exists's Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360) review

"All it's cracked up to be"

The story, dialogue and scope are amazing and deserve a 10 but the controls/visuals are quite average and loading.......

What was GIANT
- Dialogue/Story > No other game comes close, it's like watching the Sopranos all over again. Brilliant! Second to none.

- Scale > No loading times when you're driving which explains why visuals are average.

- Taxi > I don't think I could repeat missions without riding a cab and skipping the repetitive driving, thank god for cab drivers?!

- GPS > Thank you Saints Row!

- Wet conditions > When it's wet, suddenly the streets look 10 times better with the added reflection.

- Cover > In a fight, the cover option is priceless but a bit clunky as you can get stuck when an enemy gets too close.

What BOMBed
- Loading...loading...loading....OMG!

- Credits = 25 Mins?! Are you kidding me?! Everyone on the planet seems to have worked on the game...

- Restarting a mission > Can be frustrating to start from the beginning every time, there needs to be a save before the real mission starts.

- Fighting controls > Quite average if not bad in some instances however the new cover system is a good addition but needs work.

- Presentation > Expected better, I understand it's huge as far as map size but other games have done a better job, even Oblivion and that's 3 years ago.

- Melee fighting > Pretty weak, needs work

- Camera angles > When driving a car it can go too low if you're changing elevation and you have to keep adjusting.

- Mobile Text > Unreadable on a 42" TV, come on!

- Text over background > Is sometimes hard to read so you have to move the camera around to read it.

- 30 Hour achievement > Sucks! Since I'm not planning to go through the story multiple times I have to run through it the first time and you have to miss side missions and other activities for later.

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