darkspirit138's Grand Theft Auto IV (PlayStation 3) review

Small things make this game pull away from perfection

Firslty, let me say that I do love this game. However, thinking about this game critically changes that perspective.
 OK, now then, dont get any illusions-GTA is a great game. Maybe not as good as the hype, but still great. The gameplay is good, the graphics are good...just about everything passes the 'good' mark. However, some key parts almost made me give this game 5 stars.
 The first one was the voice acting. Strange reason to give a game a 5, but still-once you hear this game, it sets a benchmark for how good voice acting can be in games. Another reason-online. The online actually isnt amazing, however, it is a great add-on and has made me put in unneccesary hours of time into that game.
 Now the bad parts. Firstrly, we have some of the missions. I'd expect around 40% of this game to have missions which are just car chases-and honestly, they are as boring and irrelevant as black beams on houses. Something else? The music. This surprised me somewhat, because I liked the music in the other games; however, this games music just isnt that amazing. Finally, we have the glitches. Glitches annoy me to hell. People in COD or MGS glitching it out to get a respectable score in games...it just annoys me. Sadly, this game has the exact oppposite of this kind of glitch-whilst those glitches aid you out, these glitches will occur randomly, leaving you stuck in an area or making you fly from one place to another for no reason whatsoever. I remember when I jumped out of a helicopter onto a crate in Bomb the Base-suddenly, I was slingshotted (if thats a word) into the sea and had to swim back-which took me around 3 minutes, in which my friend had already died four times.
 Now then, before you reconsider, I am a pretty harsh marker, so 4 stars makes it among my favourite games of all time (the only game within my head I would think of giving 5 stars is Chrono Cross and Ocarina of Time). Especially at the cheap prices you can get this game, I would highly recommend it to you-its fun, interesting, and has a great storyline-in fact, there virtually isnt anything that isnt in this game.

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