How does the XBLM version play?

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I never finished San Andreas. I stopped while trying and failing horribly to complete the plane-flying sequences in the back-half of the game. So, I saw there was a Rockstar publisher sale going on, and San Andreas was included in this, for eight-hundred MSP.

Well, I stumbled on the deal, and I didn't buy it for that price. But now, I really, really want to play it again. So simply put, how is the Xbox Live Marketplace version of the game? I originally played on the PlayStation 2, and I can't recall any noticeable issues.


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It's just the Xbox port which was pretty decent. Are you using a VGA cable? I can't remember but I believe VGA doesn't play nice with original Xbox games, just a thought.

Edit: Unless you already have points you might find the disc version even cheaper on eBay or something.

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@Sooty: I am using a component cable. I've played other Xbox Original games and I've had no issues.

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