This page is a mess

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Somebody put all of the clothes and their prices in the wiki, and it just looks bad. I think all of that belongs in a guide. However, I just tried to put it all in a guide but discovered that most of it isn't in a table, and it won't let me copy and paste it. If someone could put that into a guide for that page, that would be great. I'm gonna fix everything else up.

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Yeah, for a simple wiki page a lot of this information seems excessive. It would be put to good use in a guide, but not here. A list of every vehicle in the game? I don't think anyone really needs that.

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Wow, that does look like shit.

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This smells like copy paste.

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@Rallier said:
" This smells like copy paste. "
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I'll clean up some of the lists.
EDIT: I don't edit a whole lot, but is putting a game's entire soundtrack on its wiki page standard? Again,this seems like guide stuff to me, but I could be wrong.

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@End_Boss: It has been done in the past but we don't really have any hard rules about it.
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 I think that the page is still in pretty poor shape. The Story section is far too long, I believe that a short synopsis would be sufficient. Who really needs to know the storyline to the game in that much detail? The whole article also needs cleaning up in terms of spelling, grammar, etc. 

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