Widescreen issues on PSN version.

#1 Posted by tallTuck94 (585 posts) -

So under the display options it lists an option for the game to be widescreen yet when i activate it the display stays as 4/3 and everything just becomes thinner. I was wondering if anyone else is having this problem and how I can go about fixing it, if i even can.

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It's anamorphic widescreen - how widescreen was done before you had native support via HDMI. You need a display that can stretch it. Most modern TVs should have an aspect ratio/zoom option somewhere.

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There is a PSN version of San Andreas?

#4 Posted by tallTuck94 (585 posts) -

@BlackLagoon: Thanks I got it working now.

#5 Posted by tallTuck94 (585 posts) -

@FilipHolm: It just came out on Wednesday in Britain I think. Not sure about elsewhere.

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@FilipHolm: Yep, came out on Tuesday in North America, which is also when I discovered that there is a PSN version of GTA3, yet sadly no version of Vice City.

@tallTuck94: That's how widescreen was done back in the day. You could probably set your PS3 aspect ratio to 4:3 and then use the in game widescreen setting to see what it looked like originally.

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@mosespippy: Thats what I ended up doing, I might be talking out my arse here but i don't think my tv will allow me to change the aspect ratio when I'm using a HDMI cable.

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@tallTuck94: @BlackLagoon: @mosespippy:

Just wanted to let you guys know that the solution for this problem can be found in PS3's settings.

Go to Settings – Game Settings – PS/PS2 - Upscaler and set it to Full Screen.

Once you load the game it will fill a 16:9 screen and you can change the San Andreas Display settings to Widescreen.

I'm having a great time re-visiting this one.

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@talltuck94: I've been thinking of getting this and replaying it before V comes out. I was wondering what the PSN version was like?

#10 Posted by tallTuck94 (585 posts) -

@obsideondarman: It seems pretty much spot on performance wise compared to the ps2 game. The game itself is pretty good but in certain aspects it shows it's age for sure. But in terms of price it's probably one of the best thing on psn for £10.

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