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better than any game in the gta seires

gta san andreas is just plain old great it has action violence nasty themes good missions crazy cars and a wicked starting character who you will play as from street gangster to city wide murderer this game has somehing for everyont and it makes you live life as a real guy trying to be normal or a guy who just wants to kill people and become thing king of all gangs in his city.
Posted by shawnj13

good game actually great game

Posted by Landon

I like how this was written in one long sentence, with no punctuation.

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    I dislike Saint’s Row. I also dislike Saint’s Row 2. And generally speaking, I dislike every “gangster” game I’ve played so far that wasn’t Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. No matter how hard any of them try to be “satirical” or “crass” or “offensive”, I can never shake the feeling that this supposed tale of life on the ghetto was designed by a group of Silicon Valley dweebs who based their vision of the hood from clips of a Ma$e video. Thus, I’ve found that they can never be anymore humourous, be...

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