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Welcom to the Jungle

Grand Theft Auto takes place in San Andreas, a bigger version of Compton. You play gangster, Carl Johnson whose mother was murdered. CJ has been on the run and has been living in Liberty City (Where GTA 3 took place). After his mother was killed, he returns home to find that the cops are still hunting for him. He must now take control of San Andreas and become the best he can...

The map of San Andreas is three times bigger than Vice City's map (Which at the time had the biggest map ever in a video game). For the first time ever you can eat at the fast food places. But you have to eat, to survive. Carl Johnson's character was based on 50 cent and then follows a story like NWA. After running from the cops, CJ has no choice but to rule the underworld of San Andreas. You now have twice as more weapons as you did in Vice City, which means more fun. San Andreas has introduced new ways of killing. In GTA 3 you could go to the top of the sky scrapers and rifle people, missions where based on that factor. In Vice City they ignored this way of killing, but luckily San Andreas added it again. You now can also rid bicycles. It'll make your stamina go up and it's pretty fast. The multiplayer option is a key factor of SA which'll kepp you occupied with your friends.

In an attempt to make this game so big, the graphics are pretty crap and cartoony for a game for Adults. So it's hard to ignore the graphics. You also can now learn new martial arts skills and also the way of Bushido, with a sword off course. Grand theft auto adds a Gangster rap theme onto the game. Some characters are based on stars like Eazy E, 50 Cent and so on. This game isn't perfect but it is the best game of the PS2 generation and the game of 2004. It's probably one of the best games ever, mind the graphics. I recommend this to people who want a giant thrill in gaming, this is a game that Rockstar can be proud of...

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