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Basically, the best gta out there

 The game has mediocre  graphics (ps2), there are  great music to listen and the the gameplay is great. 

Graphics: 7/10 seems fine at first but there are other platforms of this game that has better graphics.. why did they let the ps2 version to have lame graphics.

Sound: 8/10 though the soundtrack seems nice but the radio stations keeps on repeating in just aprox. 10 minutes worst of all it doesnt have great hits from the 90's. In missions the voice acting is great and also the peds have great scripts that they say to you when you walk pass by them. The sound of the cars are ok but of course some are recycled from its predecessor gta vc. 

Gameplay: 10/10 the gameplay is great there are many reasons why first you can do anything like shoot peds here , drive planes or cars there etc. .the missions are fine but some of them are frustrating missions like shooting something if you dont use a mouse its because of the analog stick having a dead zone. Did I mention you can play 2 players in this game but you cant go far from the 2nd player or you must stick together. You can also recruit your gang members beat the hell out of the other gangs and taking their HOOD . There are also attributes like "sims" that you must improve to satisfy your girlfriend or your gang members. You can also change your hair at the barber shop,
get a tattoo at a tattoo shop and the best part is to buy your own clothes at Binco, Sub-Urban etc.. 

Overall: 9.5/10 . Overall the game is great thats what made it best game of the ps2 and I encourage you people (except the kiddies or if your mature enough for this game)    

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