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Bigger sometimes is better.

This game is ENORMOUS! The new GTA boasts 3 new cities instead of just 1. I don't know how Rockstar crammed all of this into one disc. This GTA has a great story, diverse soundtrack, fun gameplay, and a massive world. I'm glad to see the new GTA does not try to "fix" what isn't broken. You can drive cars, pilot planes, ride a bike, parachute, go on a boat and SWIM if you fall off. The soundtrack is different from Vice City. There is everything from gangsta rap to country( Since I grew up in Los Angeles in the 90's, I was feeling very nostalgic with the rap stations. I really enjoyed how different the three cities are. Los Santos (Los Angeles), has a really ghetto feel. San Fierro (San Francisco), is great for driving missions (many, many jumps). Finally, Las Venturas (Las Vegas), is filled with different casinos which you can actually gamble in. All the different vehicles are corresponding to where you are (Trucks in the countryside, Sports cars in Las Venturas).

This game will take you hours upon hours to beat the main story (100% completion probably takes about 100 hours). If you liked the previous GTA's, you'll love this one. This might be the best game on the PS2.


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