wwfundertaker's Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PlayStation 2) review

Grand theft auto is back bigger much bigger

If you thought the first two grand theft autos were ground breaking this was broke so much ground. 

Story - This is probably the most disappointing part in the game, instead taking over the city by killing a gang lord, you have to find who killed your mother?!!. The great thing about the this is that it is quickly forgotten when you move to other cities and stories improve dramatically.

Graphics- same old Gta graphics but this time it can be forgiven because of the sheer size of the game.

Sound- 10+ radio stations with a variety of genres, hip hop, rock, pop, classics and so many more probably more than 12 hours of music.

Gameplay - 3 cities five times bigger than vice city, play snooker, basket ball, street racing, stunt jumps, hover craft races. fly airplanes, use a variety of boats, bikes abd a jet pack. Area 52 go back to gta 3. change clothes, pimp your cars, buys houses, businesses. Gang wars, take over gang lands and so much more. 

Basically get the game.

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