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Grand theft auto: San Andreas is a game where there’s always something to do. In the game you play as Carl Johnson; five years ago Carl abandoned Los Santos after a gang killed his brother. Recently gang member toke the life of his mother and Carl returns for the funeral and to avenge her death. In the Mean mission Carl go around trying to get his hood back but forget about it and tries to make a better life for him and his brother. The brother doesn’t want to leave his hood and says that would be running away form the problems. So Carl goes and gets the hood back. Now for side missions are endless; there are races, unique stunt jumps, collecting oysters and horseshoes, girlfriends and some on. There is some many things to do the strategy guide are all most three times bigger than Grand theft auto: Vice City. There are 138 different cars, 12 different bikes, 20 different planes and choppers, and 10 different boats plus 2 different trains. There are many weapons in this you can have your know personal army, handguns, shotguns, assault rifles, minigun, heat-seeking rocket launchers and more. The graphs are the best ever but some time the PS2 is trying to catch up with loading the graphs. There is only one loading screen. The sound is the best as well, great songs to listen to when driving around. There are ten radio stations with music from Foghat, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Who, Guns n’ roses, Ozzy Osbourne, 2Pac, Dr.Dre, Ice cube and much more. It’s been over a year since the game came out and I still have not finish it 100%; I am at 81% now. This is must have for everyone 18 and over.


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