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Gangsta 'round the world. (100th review!) 0

I dislike Saint’s Row. I also dislike Saint’s Row 2. And generally speaking, I dislike every “gangster” game I’ve played so far that wasn’t Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. No matter how hard any of them try to be “satirical” or “crass” or “offensive”, I can never shake the feeling that this supposed tale of life on the ghetto was designed by a group of Silicon Valley dweebs who based their vision of the hood from clips of a Ma$e video. Thus, I’ve found that they can never be anymore humourous, be...

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Over-the-Top Insane Awesomeness 0

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.  The most anticipated game of the year this side of the Xbox.  You've seen the other reviews.  You know it's selling like crazy.  But honestly, is it really that good?  Isn't it just more of the same?  Or is it a revolution of the genre and a shining example of Rockstar's dominance?  Well, it's all of those things.  It is the same, yet it is different in so many ways.  Is it the best PS2 game of all time like several sites/mags are saying?  No, it's not.  Is i...

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Stright OG 0

Ever since 2001,when GTA III came out,the whole TPS franchise was changed.Never before was the sandbox element better implemented in a game then in GTA III.And after Vice City,the bar was raised even higher.The question was : "Can San Andreas raise to the expectations?".The answer: "Fo sho!",as CJ would say.The story is set in 1992 this time,and for the first time,the story was set not in one city,but in three : Los Santos - L.A. ; San Fierro - San Francisco  and Las Venturas - Las Vegas, as wel...

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on Xbox is still an amazing game with a bit of great enhancements. 0

By now you know how this works, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas comes out in October, but only for the PlayStation 2. Xbox owners have to wait a year for their own version of San Andreas, but now it's finally here on Microsoft's console. The good news is that it's an enhanced version of the game with HD Resolution and, just like the "GTA: Double Pack" before it, Custom Soundtracks (which is really fun to use). The bad news is that, in terms of pushing the hardware, the PlayStation 2 version is bet...

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas definitely lives up to the "GTA" name, in fact it's arguably the best game in the series. 0

Before I start to give details on the story, let me just say that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the defining pieces of software for the PlayStation 2 (It's up there with Path of Neo and Kingdom Hearts II) and it's filled with memorable characters, impressive graphics, and a great story. Speaking of which, here's a run up of the plot for what you need to know..Carl Johnson a.k.a. CJ has escaped from the pressures of life in Los Santos and stayed away for 5 years to live the life in Libe...

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PlayStation 2) Review 0

Grand Theft Auto III didn't quite hold my interest. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City had me playing until the end, but part of me felt unsatisfied with the fact that nothing had really been changed to a large extent from the first in the trilogy. When San Andreas was released, it was with skepticism that I played it at first, but that feeling of doubt quickly faded once I got past the first couple missions. The story follows Carl Johnson, a former gang member of the Grove Street Families of Los Sant...

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Grove Street for Life Homie! 0

These days nostalgia for the early '90s is almost as strong as it was for the '80s. There is certainly a lot to remember about that era. The grunge and gangster rap movement was strong, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ruled Saturday mornings and wearing your pants backwards was the cool thing to do. It's only natural that Rockstar's follow up to Vice City, a game set in the '80s, would be a game set in the '90s.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas takes place in 1992. The player assumes the role of Carl “...

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GTA: San Andreas brings gaming to a whole new level 0

After a lot of waiting, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has been released to PC. Follower of mega-ultra popular Vice City came in full it's glory and wiped out all competition (what competition?). Amazing gameplay, excellent soundtrack, fascinating story, solid graphics, … OK, OK, let's go from the beginning. After release of GTA3 people wanted more. They wanted more killing, more carjacking, more pursuits… And they've got it! Soon, Vice City came out. We've got new vehicles, more guns, a lot of ...

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Bigger is better, and bigger San Andreas is. 0

GTA: San Andreas is the third installment of the Grand Theft Auto series to appear during the PS2/Xbox generation. For as improved a game Vice City was compared to GTA3, San Andreas again ups the ante by simply making everything bigger. Instead of a singular city to explore, San Andreas features three major cities comprising of an entire state, giving the player more freedom to explore than ever before. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. You play as Carl "CJ" Johnson, a troubled ex-con ret...

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Awesomeness 0

I played this game again recently, and what a feeling I had. The nostalgia I got playing is immense, you just can't beat that sort of experience.The first image I ever saw of the game.If you have never played this game, than shame on you. I totally recommend you buy it this second, you wont regret it....

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Finally the PS2 has its definitive game 0

GTA has always been a hugely popular game series- even more so since GTA 3 when all the graphics junkies could get involved. But few were expecting this latest outing to be so huge- the game itself is set over an entire state, that will take you a good 5 or 10 minutes to fly across in an airliner. Yes you read that last bit right as well. Rockstar have taken everything that was asked for after Vice City- decent planes, bicycles (the pedalling system is really well done), more non-mission based ...

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Basically, the best gta out there 0

 The game has mediocre  graphics (ps2), there are  great music to listen and the the gameplay is great. Graphics: 7/10 seems fine at first but there are other platforms of this game that has better graphics.. why did they let the ps2 version to have lame graphics.Sound: 8/10 though the soundtrack seems nice but the radio stations keeps on repeating in just aprox. 10 minutes worst of all it doesnt have great hits from the 90's. In missions the voice acting is great and also the peds have great sc...

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A good installment in the grand theft auto series 0

I got this game almost a while back...Its not the best ( that has to go to Vice City ), but it is still a good installment never the less...This installment takes place in 1992 in the west coast-themed state of San Andreas. It too is an island that contains of three cities. In the game, You start out in the city of Los Santos which has a lot of the same characteristics that Los Angeles has. Another city is San Fierro which is also based on another city, San Francisco...And finally the game...

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Gangster's Paradise 0

Glockstar Armani presents this game with 5 *GLOCKIE* awards for:*BEST GAME OF 2004**BIGGEST ALL-STAR VOICE CAST**BEST VILLAINS: OFFICER TENPENNY & BIG SMOKE**FUNNIEST CHARACTER: CATALINA**MOST FREEDOM*This is my favourite game of the GTA series, beating out Vice City and GTA IV by a Kate Moss-thin margin. Why does it win? Because this game is the bizarro-world alternate of Seinfeld: it has EVERYTHING. Everything. Deserts. Jetpacks. Oil tankers. Casinos. Hippie vans. Military stealth jets. Sa...

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More of a side-step than a true step forward for the series. 0

Most will disagree with em on this, but I consider San Andreas to be the worst of the Grand Theft Auto series. Its not a bad game by any means, on the contrary, I think its quite good which is why I'm giving it an 8.0, or "great" rating. It just seems like its not nearly the step forward from Vice City that I had hoped.The graphics are pretty much exactly the same as they were in Vice City. It still has all the problems Vice City had, bad textures, shifty frame rate, bad load times, glitches gal...

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Grand theft auto is back bigger much bigger 0

If you thought the first two grand theft autos were ground breaking this was broke so much ground. Story - This is probably the most disappointing part in the game, instead taking over the city by killing a gang lord, you have to find who killed your mother?!!. The great thing about the this is that it is quickly forgotten when you move to other cities and stories improve dramatically.Graphics- same old Gta graphics but this time it can be forgiven because of the sheer size of the game.Sound- 10...

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Bigger sometimes is better. 0

This game is ENORMOUS! The new GTA boasts 3 new cities instead of just 1. I don't know how Rockstar crammed all of this into one disc. This GTA has a great story, diverse soundtrack, fun gameplay, and a massive world. I'm glad to see the new GTA does not try to "fix" what isn't broken. You can drive cars, pilot planes, ride a bike, parachute, go on a boat and SWIM if you fall off. The soundtrack is different from Vice City. There is everything from gangsta rap to country( Since I g...

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better than any game in the gta seires 2

gta san andreas is just plain old great it has action violence nasty themes good missions crazy cars and a wicked starting character who you will play as from street gangster to city wide murderer this game has somehing for everyont and it makes you live life as a real guy trying to be normal or a guy who just wants to kill people and become thing king of all gangs in his city....

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Welcom to the Jungle 0

Grand Theft Auto takes place in San Andreas, a bigger version of Compton. You play gangster, Carl Johnson whose mother was murdered. CJ has been on the run and has been living in Liberty City (Where GTA 3 took place). After his mother was killed, he returns home to find that the cops are still hunting for him. He must now take control of San Andreas and become the best he can... The map of San Andreas is three times bigger than Vice City's map (Which at the time had the biggest map ever in a vi...

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arbayer2 Reviews: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (PC) 0

Frankly, GTA: San Andreas is the game which got me interested in the franchise. Extremely well-written, expansive, innovative and incredibly fun. CJ is one of the strongest characters Rockstar has ever developed, along with the rest of the character list. The voice acting is incredibly well-done, the music selection is (or was) second only to GTA: Vice City in my opinion. The variety of things you can do in this game is arguably second-to-none in the entire franchise, which helps Rockstar in its...

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Shows that the series keeps improving. 0

It took me a while to play San Andreas. After going through GTAIII and Vice City in a relatively short period of time, I felt sort of burned out from Grand Theft Auto so I skipped San Andreas when it was released in late 2004. Recently however I decided that the time was right to plunge myself again, and here I am, being very impressed by the latest installment of this extremely popular series. In San Andreas you play the role of Carl Johnson, a man raised in the hood with his family of two bro...

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Rusty's San Andreas Review 0

In 2004 we saw the release of 3 major story driven games; Halo 2, Half Life 2, and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. While Halo 2 disappointed in the story department, Half Life 2 and GTA had amazing stories that cannot, I stress, CANNOT, be missed by any gamer, quite possibly ever. GTA did not have my favorite story out of the 2, but I have recently went back and finally finished it. The story in GTA is by far the best thing found in the game. Besides it being an incredibly fun game to play, havin...

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GTA: San Andreas 2

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2005) places you deep into the fictional city of Los Santos. You play Carl Johnson, known to most, as just C.J. He’s a guy who’s been away from the hood for five years, living it out in Liberty City. Returning back to the hood where he grew up he finds that things have changed. His homies don’t have the power they once had and he is quickly framed and blackmailed by Officer Tenpenny (voiced by Samuel Jackson). It is up to you to win back the respect for your family...

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Greatest Xbox Game 0

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was the best game to be release on the original xbox console.  The story was more than compelling and kept me interested all the way through, however it took a backseat to the driving force behind this game, which was its incredibly huge scale.  San Andreas is a state, based on the West Coast, namely California and Nevada.  There are three major cities, Los Santos (Los Angeles) San Fierro (San Francisc) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas.) Sausalito, home of Giant Bomb is ...

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WOW! 0

Grand theft auto: San Andreas is a game where there’s always something to do. In the game you play as Carl Johnson; five years ago Carl abandoned Los Santos after a gang killed his brother. Recently gang member toke the life of his mother and Carl returns for the funeral and to avenge her death. In the Mean mission Carl go around trying to get his hood back but forget about it and tries to make a better life for him and his brother. The brother doesn’t want to leave his hood and says that would ...

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Perfect 0

san andreas is one of the greatest games in the series . the story line is straight forward you play as carl johnson who’s mother has been murdered carl has two objectives one make grove street the number one gang in los santos and two to find out who murdered his mother another thing is that in grove street there is four main me cj sweet big smoke and ryder. the gameplay adds more features than in vice one thing is you can grab on to the wall and go over it and also the graphics have improved g...

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Very good game.. If you are a wanna be gangster. 0

I don't see what the hype is all about, horrid graphics, sound effects and dialogue. The game is set up in the early 1990's, you are Carl Johnson, An ex-gang member of "Grove Street", Finally returning due to the death of his mother, He meets back up with his old gang members and gets back into the "gangsta" life. You start out recently detained by a crooked cop named Officer Frank Tenpenny (played by Samuel Jackson) who apparently knows you from your past experiences in Los Santos. He then esc...

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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas 0

With San Andreas, Rockstar full subscribed to the idea that bigger is better. The world is massive. It covers an entire state, containing not only three cities, each bigger than the ones in previous games, but also quite a lot of real estate in between, including forests, a desert, and many small towns. The soundtrack isn't as good as Vice City's, but still included a large variety of enjoyable music. They also improved the streaming technology, allowing you to go from anywhere outside to anywhe...

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