100+ Things You've Learned™ Playing GTA V! (Spoiler Free!)

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#51 Posted by ninnanuam (510 posts) -

50. Go up the right ramp and your hang time can last for the whole playtime of West End Girls.

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#52 Posted by ninnanuam (510 posts) -

51. Sometimes a car just needs to do a backflip, for no apparent reason, just 'cause ya know.

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#53 Posted by Hunter5024 (6676 posts) -

52. Nothing goes together quite like work boots and dirty tighty whities.

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#54 Posted by Chaser324 (7871 posts) -

53. Remote gated communities are the best place to rehabilitate hitchhiking douche bags, and you can get a sweet referral bonus!

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#55 Posted by pyrodactyl (3338 posts) -

54. It's totally cool to stash that barrel full of nuclear waste in your wet suit, don't worry about it.

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#56 Edited by Hailinel (25787 posts) -

55. You can totally pass for an employee at a software company if you dress the part.

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#57 Edited by Hameyadea (385 posts) -

56) Falling 200+ Meters and landing on the pavement will require a trip to the local medical facility. Fall into the water and you're all peachy and ready to go

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#58 Edited by SpaceInsomniac (5386 posts) -

57) Your character will text while driving, will drive while intoxicated, and has no problem killing waves and waves of police to commit major crimes, but he will NOT operate a motorcycle without wearing a helmet. Safety first!

58) If you're mad enough, even falling from above the clouds onto the pavement below is something you can live through. (You can survive any fall in Trevor's rage mode)

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#59 Edited by Baillie (4694 posts) -

@hameyadea said:

56) Falling 200+ Meters and landing on the pavement will require a trip to the local medical facility. Fall into the water and you're all peachy and ready to go

FALSE. I have died several times landing in water from a great height.

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#60 Posted by darkjohnny47 (181 posts) -

59) don't pick up EVERY person on the side of the road, cause you might end up in your tidy whities on the railroad tracks when you wake up (I love how the character remarks, "not again")

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#61 Edited by Hameyadea (385 posts) -

@baillie: I've only fallen in the water once and survived, and I haven't tried again so far (didn't see a reason to). Maybe it's like in GTA:SA if you fall from a great height with the parachute equipped (but not deployed) will sometimes survive. I can't remember my loadout when I fell into the water

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#62 Posted by probablytuna (4674 posts) -

60) People either get really pissed off or really scared when you rev your engine.

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#63 Edited by Hinamotto (71 posts) -

61) Sometimes you go so fast, that you hit a tree seconds before the tree appears. (May just be my overheating PS3, though)

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#64 Edited by WickedFather (1694 posts) -

62) It's fine to bail out of a private jet whose engine has failed just as it hits the water.

63) If told to 'leave the area' by a contact after a mission, walking back after mission passed has appeared, throwing a sticky bomb onto their car/plane and blowing them up... they all cool with that.

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#65 Posted by Krullban (1471 posts) -

That this is possible.

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#66 Edited by Seppli (11232 posts) -

Fun fact. The Z-Type costs 12k to reclaim from the insurance. Hope that fucker got the Dunce cap for mining my garage exit to get my bounty (AI assigned for car jacking).

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#67 Posted by Puchiko (288 posts) -

The armored Karin Kuruma is OP. It is bulletproof and has bulletproof tires. You can just roll up with a car full of friends and drive by enemies without taking damage from everything but explosives. This is VERY useful on heist missions so buy it as soon as you can after you unlock it from the first heist.

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#68 Posted by ottoman673 (1044 posts) -

64. Hacking only involves either playing a simplified form of the classic game snake, or by finding a number combination in a series of numbers.

65. Never, EVER build a house on stilts in the Vinewood hills.

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#69 Edited by Akyho (2092 posts) -

66. Heists leaders MUST ALWAYS! set the payout of the finale to 5% and if they do not ready up...slowly increase the pay out until they do

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#70 Posted by selbie (2338 posts) -

67. Watching TV in a game is just as fun as playing the game.

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