Anyone else wondering how it will look on consoles?

#1 Posted by SuperSambo (3040 posts) -

I was watching the trailer, and after seeing games such as BF3 and Far Cry 3, I was just thinking boy, I hope it doesn't look like shit on consoles.

Then I realised that it isn't even (officially) coming out on the PC!

It is shaping up to be such an incredible game. Max Payne had some of the best shooting I have ever played, and that combined with what I have seen could shape up to be the most impactful of the whole series.

#2 Posted by Yummylee (23654 posts) -

It's going to look fine. What I'm more concerned about is the framerate.

#3 Posted by Bollard (6608 posts) -

Uh, exactly like the video? Which was shot on a PS3? In other words, good for a big open world PS3 game.

I'll hold out for the PC version though - not for the graphics (although 1080p 60fps is nice), but because I can't be bothered with renewing my Xbox LIVE when GTA Online seems like such a big thing here.

#4 Posted by jimmyfenix (3941 posts) -

@supersambo: The gameplay trailer was ps3 footage so it looks great. still hoping for a pc release though but buying it either way

#5 Posted by SuperSambo (3040 posts) -

Ha, I meant that it looked so good that I assumed it must be the PC version, even though it is actually the console version.

#6 Posted by artdias (15 posts) -

I think framerate is the critical point, Im always frustated in crowded moments ex. 5 star police rush -.-

#7 Posted by FesteringNeon (2238 posts) -

Do you think it'll eventually release on next gen consoles? My guess is yes, so no, I don't think it'll look like shit on consoles.

#8 Posted by Humanity (12007 posts) -

I wonder if the PS3 version will have terrible AA like was the case in GTA4. It's a new engine though so it shouldn't.

#9 Posted by djou (895 posts) -

I'm worried less about how it looks than how it will play. Will there be crazy pop in textures when the players enters a new section, tons of vignettes to disguise loading time, or just straight up loading screens? GTAV isn't going for a "realistic" character design so it doesn't need a million hi-res textures, but if the animation is not smooth, the AI dumb as nails, and the environments bogged down with pop-in and clipping problems then its a minus. The gameplay looks undoubtedly awesome, but how will it handle when there's bullet flying all over the place and the gamer is constantly switching between characters?

#10 Posted by onarum (2556 posts) -

one thing is for sure, it won't look or play anywhere near as good as on a PC... I hope to god they are considering releasing it on PC, if not simultaneously, shortly after at least

#11 Posted by WickedFather (1694 posts) -

It's got a mandatory install so that should really help it. Got a 4gb 360? You'd better get an external hard drive or memory stick or you're not playing.

#12 Posted by Corvak (1345 posts) -

Waiting for a PC version, or possibly a PS4 re-release in a year. Watch_Dogs is gonna be my modern open world this fall.

#13 Posted by Winsord (1454 posts) -

I'm hopeful that the install will help out with slowdown and pop-in. After having beat Saints Row 3 and GTA IV both on PC after having beaten their console versions, going back to the console versions afterwards was quite a sobering experience. I'd take worse graphics for a more steady framerate, but that PS3 trailer looked really good, so who knows how it'll run. I trust Rockstar will be able to get it running well enough though, didn't L.A. Noire look and run pretty great on the consoles?

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You were wondering what it'll look like even though we just saw video on what it'll look like? I don't get it. It will look good on console and even better on PC just like 90% of every other games made. I don't care about the PC version, since it'll probably be a year down the line (if at all) and by that point they'll hopefully be some good next-gen games to play. Plus, I'd rather play on XBL with friends.

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All i need is the framerate to be good and nothing else. I can deal with the shadows looking not as good cause i'm not really playing a game to look at shadows.

Gameplay more important than graphics

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So was the trailer actually in game PS3 footage running from a PS3, or was it the dev PCs with a PS3 controller attached? I find it hard to believe that such a huge open world game will perform that good on PS3/360.

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They confirmed that the trailer was running on consoles.

Hell they haven't even announced a PC version yet. So all this "I'll get it on PC" is silly.

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"I'll get it on PC" or I won't get it all. Why would you buy a game for hardware that was dead 3 years ago? GTA4 was unplayable on the xbox 360 due to the draw distance (oh surprise there's a car 6 inches in front of you suddenly) and framerate. I almost didn't beat GTA4 (I ended up using the free health cheat and sighing the rest of the way) because how broken it was every step of the way. That game was garbage walking, worse than any bethesda game, even Skyrim on PS3.

I can't imagine what a GTA5 will look like when bad console port games like Far Cry 3 are getting sub ten fps on consoles.

edit: For clarity. I don't really care about how good the game looks. As long as its 1080p60fps and controls well, it can look like a fuzzy mess, assuming you can still at least understand what is going on.

Movies and television are unwatchable to me because of the low frames. If I could plug a mouse and keyboard into my xbox and flip a switch that would kill the graphics to hit 1080 60 I would buy it on an xbox. Sadly that would never exist because they are selling to a demographic that is still challenged by the brightness setting.

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Ignoring the PC comments, I think it'll look great.

As everyone else has mentioned, my concern is with frame rate. The five star police battles ended up being a nightmare at times. Not because of "difficulty" because it was just horrible.

I have high expectations for the game though, and I feel they'll be met. My concern is GTA Online. The trailer teased it, making it seem amazing.

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Kinda can't wait for the PC elitism bullshit to die again. Goodness.

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