Are you excited for GTA V?

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Poll: Are you excited for GTA V? (248 votes)

I'm Still excited 64%
I'm not Too excited 23%
I have PC 31%

So, as I stare at my desktop, I start to wonder if I've been excited for this games,. at all. I mean, I have the wallpaper, so I must be excited, right? I've been reading EDGE Magazine, and Game Informer articles for the last couple of months, and I've start to get pretty worried about this game. When I buy games, I play the whole thing, multiplayer and all. I never stay on the multiplayer for long, as I'm usually doing school stuff anyway, or just moving on to new games. To be clear, I used to have a 360, but it red ringed. I have a PS3 now, and I'm currently saving up for a Xbox ∞. You might of seen my posts, being annoying about the new Xbox, and all that next-gen stuff. But this is almost mostly about GTA.

I mean, the things I'm actually worried about this game are kind of the most obvious things.

    • The framerate is not going to be that great. Its going to chug sometimes.
    • The load times are gonna be weird, kind of.
    • Multiplayer: is gonna be a lot like Red Dead and GTA IV, big for like 3 days, a week at most
      • Multiplayer won't be that great anyway, i.e. Capture The Stash and drive back all the way across town
    • Controls might be weird, mostly have issues with the target reticle and the dead zone
    • Mowing down people might look weird, health bars on everyone might look weird,
      • Running animations might look weird
      • Falling animation, into ragdoll physics (Well crashing can be fun sometimes, flying 100 feet.)
    • Voice acting while driving might be weird, i.e. running around, catching fire, and then trying to jump into a car
    • Car physics, handling might be about the same
    • Xbox Exclusive DLC

I know this might all sound like complaining, I'm just worried Rockstar doesn't give a fuck about what the gamer really wants, and they're really telling us what want. E.g. You want GTA, so here. I'm worried that GTA is not going to stand up high enough to Next-Gen standards. I mean, the Next-Gens will be That new right? So, I mean that much better than current Gen, its only by a couple of months.

I mean the point is that, I believe that Next-Gen is really gonna bring better matchmaking, cooler physics, and better explosions. Not just better graphics or that good shit. I bring up PC though, because PC won't really notice any of this stuff, PC people will just buy it whenever, not having to worry about low-res shadows. I.e. Looking for a pigeon under the bridge.

I'm worried about the podcaster rumors that game companies will just re-release games on Next-Gen stuff. But Dammit, Rockstar has said time and time again, that GTA is made for current gen, and they're just not thinking about Next Gen GTA.

Ubisoft caters to what the people want, releasing games on both generations, and will roll with the punches on whatever DRM the console manufacturers decide on. It'd be way easier if Xbox would just implement a, 'Steam-Key,' like system. I just don't see it happening. I see a shit storm coming, and the consumer is gonna face the brunt of it, when all I wanna do is play some damn good games, multiplayer with all the best social messaging features and all.

#51 Posted by TwoLines (3143 posts) -

I'm playing GTAIV right now, and it kinda looks like ass. Yes, you say, it's an older game. Yeah, I get that, but why does it run at 20 frames per second on a PC that runs Saints Row the Third, a way better lookin' game mind you, witout any problems? It's horribly, terribly optimized. GTA San Andreas? Runs well, but the controls are horrendous.

So yeah, I get why they're not releasing a PC version right next to the console versions. Makes sense. But don't expect me to buy this game Rockstar. I'm not using my Xbox360 anymore, because come on, it's a shitty device by today's standards, and even if you make a PC port, that's what it's gonna be, a shitty port. So no thank you.

#52 Edited by GERALTITUDE (4548 posts) -

I disagree on every point.

Cooler physics and better explosions? Better matchmaking? Multiplayer something something?

We’re talking about Grand Theft Auto right?

#53 Posted by YoungFrey (1363 posts) -

I thought the cars in 4 were so crappy I could never get into it. That has carried over to 5. I have yet to watch any video coverage of 5.

#54 Edited by Spence_5060 (382 posts) -

I only became excited again for this game after seeing each of the individual character trailers.

#55 Posted by ThomasG666 (155 posts) -

I'm in the PC category, but have positive thoughts.

#56 Edited by phantomzxro (1607 posts) -

I'm pretty excited because it just been awhile since a new GTA and i would like to think they will throw in a little more of the fun and crazy in this one that GTA 4 was missing. I'm also craving for some good character stories because that was one big thing saints row 3 and most likely 4 lacks.

#57 Posted by Daveyo520 (7379 posts) -


#58 Posted by BestUsernameEver (5026 posts) -
#59 Posted by WickedFather (1694 posts) -

Dan Houser lets you live a story. Sometimes it's cheesy and predictable, at other times it's predictable and cheesy but at the end of the day you'll have to a make a decision no cat should have to make and live with the stains until you've done all the little side missions you might have missed so you can get some achievements that are pointless.

#60 Posted by Nightriff (6472 posts) -

Yes I am, one of the few games I'll get day one or when Amazon delivers it

#61 Posted by TooWalrus (13342 posts) -

I think those character trailers might have sold me on the game.

#62 Posted by PeasantAbuse (5098 posts) -

Very excited, but it's so far awaaaaay.....

#63 Posted by Blannir (276 posts) -

Currently playing through Red Dead Redemption and loving it but I have zero interest in GTA V. What I've seen appears to be much the same as previous games and with 4 months to go Rockstar hasn't given any real details or gameplay footage to show me why I should care about this game aside from the fact it's GTA.

#64 Posted by BBQBram (2402 posts) -

I spent hundreds of hours in GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption, so it's like you're asking me if I am excited to continue living. It's an era that is steadily approaching.

Luckily The Last of Us will break up the wait.

#65 Posted by Caustic_Fox (118 posts) -

I'll be excited for GTA V once Rockstar actually tries optimizing it for the PC version. GTA IV was a fucking train-wreck to say at least (The PC version suffered the most). It ran like shit on every platform that it was played on.

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