Could GTAV Be Giant Bombs Most Disappointing Game of 2013?

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#51 Posted by Korwin (2983 posts) -

No because Sim City exists.

#52 Posted by Microshock (341 posts) -

I'd say it has a strong shot at winning GOTY (but probably won't). Jeff quite liked it.

#53 Edited by FoxMulder (1709 posts) -

I think Brad is the only one who would possibly consider it dissapointing. It seems like everyone likes it, despite not liking parts of it. There's no way it doesn't at least make it into their top 10 even with Brad's inability to finish the game.

#54 Posted by AlexGBRO (320 posts) -

that is imposible i think it will make some of top 10 list

#55 Posted by 49th (2816 posts) -

No, it delivered exactly what I was expecting. It's GTA.

#56 Posted by Cheesebob (1246 posts) -

It will be in the top 10 list without a doubt

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