Does winning a 1-player race count toward unlocks?

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you can check your stats and unlocks in the pasue menu and i think they do count i mean i robbed all the stores alone and got my clown tattoo

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That sounds like a very philosophical question, for which I do not think I am prepared.

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@shubhamldh: It might? I need to check this also. I made personal playlists of races because they're worth a decent amount of money, and they're not that bad. I play them alone in bursts of 4 or 5.

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You're beating yourself up a lot for something the game doesn't allow (iirc).

You've got to beat at least one person, and I think winning any race in any class affects all of them.

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I've done a bunch of one player races in solo mode and I think it counts. You just can't do the same race over again though, I think it is dependent on doing races you haven't already done.

I'm pretty sure that's how I got my Jester upgrades unlocked.

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