First piece of GTAV concept art released!

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I feel like GTAV, or just GTA in general, is one of those games that deserves to have a thread made for every little speck of info that comes out. Lord knows all info to do with this game is currently so damn sparse! If any mods feels this isn't enough to warrant a thread, however, then so be it.

Anywhoo, here you are:

And err... yeah, that looks like some GTA artwork right there. Based around that awesome bank heist they shown in the debut trailer it seems as well.

EDIT: Ohhh, Anna Rex is some clothing store that was in GTAIV, hence the pun. I just assumed it was a bank heist because... it sound more plausible than robbing a clothing shop.

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With the promise of lots more info next month!

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Rockstar always had some incredible concept art work for their games. That is the case with this image too.

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@DharmaBum said:

With the promise of lots more info next month!

You mean the game informer thing? Isn't that going to be a December issue? In any case you're right! Gonna be an early Christmas when they unleash the 4854584 pages devoted to GTAV.

EDIT: You're right ''lots of info coming next month''... Well gosh <3333333

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@Yummylee: It's a December issue, but it releases early next month. We'll have a release date for the issue by Monday.

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@Yummylee: yeah, their blog mentioned that at the bottom, to keep people at bay. Hopefully we get a release date! Almost looks like their art style is going back to a somewhat cartoonish GTA look, compared to the artwork for RDR, LA Noire, and Max Payne 3.

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Dudes. Silenced AKs. Nondescript van. Gas masks. GTA.

Though I do note the plane in the shot, keeping with the theme of emphasis on the fact there are planes in this game.

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@DharmaBum: I think it's still consistent with what the GTAIV artwork looked like, though. Maybe a bit brighter and more colourful, perhaps to represent the difference in location (and tone?) with Los Santos no doubt being a much sunnier place than Liberty City could ever hope to be.

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I'll get excited about this once we know some hard details about the gameplay and systems.

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Whoever does the concept and poster art for Rockstar is really good. There is such a nice balance between making the backgrounds or inorganic objects look flat, while characters and whatever is in their space pop out. I thought the art for Max Payne 3 was amazing when I saw it at NYCC last year.

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Good stuff, makes the game look consistent with past GTA art but also different enough that you know this game will have a different personality due to new (old) location.

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@Yummylee: It does remind me a lot more of San Andreas era box art, which makes sense.

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Looks cooool, ya'alll!

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@AndrewB said:

Dudes. Silenced AKs. Nondescript van. Gas masks. GTA.

Though I do note the plane in the shot, keeping with the theme of emphasis on the fact there are planes in this game.

Ha, good eye. Honestly the prospect of being able to fly planes again doesn't necessarily excite me. I can understand why some people were disheartened to find they were removed from GTAIV, but I never liked flying 'em anyway. Remember the flying school in San Andreas?? That thing suuuucked, and there was a point where I thought, ''I'm totally not going to finish San Andreas' story am I...''.

I do like the jumpsuit and gasmask combo, though. Gas masks in general tend to look so fucking cool as well, so I hope that could potentially be an unlockable for you to wear outside of the mission. And Silenced AK's! Though it's probably not the best idea to gauge what's in the artwork for something that will definitely star in the game itself. Silenced AKs does seem plausible, but I remember stuff like in GTAIV artwork with that shot showing two guys gambling, yet it turned out there was no such thing in the game itself.

One thing I found funny is you can never wear fingerless gloves, either. Yet that image of Niko pulling on his gloves is like the staple of his character image.

EDIT: Also knowing R*, I could almost envision that Anna Rex sign will be some sort of pun directed at the bank manager being anorexic or something. Hopefully not, because that would be moronic even by GTA's standards with humour.

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@laserbolts said:



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@Yummylee: I think you're right on the color palette reflecting the tone/setting. IV had a very bleak, washed-out look that reinforced the immigrant's journey and the facade of the American dream. This still has that same level of detail/shading that distinguishes it from their previous gen games.

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@Yummylee: They definitely put out less concept art and more "promo" art.

Flying school sucked (but so did that mission where you had to level up your swimming skill just to start it), and the faster jets were pretty much useless unless you really just wanted to fly all the way across the map real quick, but I'm glad to see them make a return. A) it means the world is large enough to warrant them and B) it's a great way of getting a birds-eye view of the world just before you jump out of them to your glorious demise (or maybe pull the cord on that parachute and live? But where's the fun in that?).

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I really hope they've refined the gameplay! Hypehypehype.

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I will buy this simply for euphoria.... Yo I shot a guy and he tumbled down the stairs and that's rad

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Any references or hidden nuggets in that picture? Hypey hype!

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for comparison
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@SlightConfuse said:

for comparison

Silenced AK's pretty much confirmed then!

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That artwork has the potential to be iconic.

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@Yummylee said:

@SlightConfuse said:

for comparison

Silenced AK's pretty much confirmed then!

That means that there might be some sort of stealth option/mechanic, which I'm curious about.

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@shivermetimbers said:

@Yummylee said:

@SlightConfuse said:

for comparison

Silenced AK's pretty much confirmed then!

That means that there might be some sort of stealth option/mechanic, which I'm curious about.

Hmm. Maybe? San Andreas did technically have some sort of stealth mechanics in there with silenced pistols and stealth executions with the knife after all, so it's not completely out of the realm of possibility. It'd be awesome if it could factor in how you try to elude the police.

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That has potential to be a great mission.

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@ThePickle said:

That has potential to be a great mission.

Judging by the series past record, this could potentially turn out to be one of the game's highlights! Just like in Vice City and GTAIV, and San Andreas' Casino mission was pretty great at that.

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That concept art does a great job of making the L.A. vibe come through. Everything is bright and sun-washed.

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Absolutely cannot wait for this.

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So that art image will be for GTAV equivalent of the bank robery mission in IV because it sure looks like it.

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This is going to be killer

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I think it would be awesome if Rockstar comes out and announces a full "cell shaded/concept" looking style re-vamp to the game. I mean it SHOULD look like that.

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...and with that snippet my hype has reached the point where I'm now actively excited for this.

What is it, 7 months out? Awesome.

Wallet, meet games. Oh, you're well acquainted? Well, I'll leave you to it, then.

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Hoping for better & more varied gameplay, plus, a May release please.

Silenced AK 47's, nice.

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I was sold when V was just "What do you want in the next GTA?" discussions. I couldn't be more sold if I tried.

IV was the best GTA to date, the "serious" tone was great.

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I'm hoping the silenced AK's may mean gun mod's or something of the sort.. More varied weapons would be really cool, I'd rather more unique and less weapons then more, if there going for the realistic approach again, your a criminal not an arms-dealer (or maybe you are)

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Everything I've seen so far has looked great. I'm not worried about this game at all.

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I can't possibly wait.

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Ever since I was 13, literally anything related to Grand Theft Auto, especially the anticipation of a new release, made my penis tingle.

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Pretty awesome art, though a tough reminder that Rockstar still hasn't told us anything about the game =[

Hopefully the upcoming Game Informer cover story has some juicy details.

Also, I just now noticed the "We put the FU in fumigation" on the side of that van. Nice.

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