Grand Theft Auto Parody

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Good writing and concepts. Bad acting and zero energy in the execution. You guys seemed a bit tired and not into it so it felt forced. I suggest you take an improv class or do yoga to loosen up a bit.

Keep it up :)

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@billyhoush: ha. most of this is improvised. I did this originally at the Upright Citizens Brigade with myself and Rob Huebel. (Humam Giant, Seeking a Friend for the End of the World, Childrens Hospital) I alos teach improv at iO West in Hollywood. But yeah, very tired indeed. I think I shot 3 videos that day, this being the last,

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Haha, that was fun.

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Just posting a link to a random YouTube video without any original commentary as to what the video is all about is considered YouTube Spam. Please keep this in mind with future posts on the forums.


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