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I've had this idea in my mind for awhile: a GTA Breaking Bad game. Honestly I think it would be the perfect game. If Rockstar ever got the license to Breaking Bad, there would be so much potential. So the game would take place in New Mexico, and you would be able to play as 3 guys (like in GTA 5) who found Walter's book of notes for his meth. They try to finish what Walter started but would inevitably fail in the end. You would also be able to go back in time and play as Walter, Jesse, and Hank and play the key points in the breaking bad series. When you make meth, there would be a series of quicktime events that rise in difficulty based on how pure you want your meth to be. The players would essentially relive Walter's legacy as Walter and the people trying to finish what he started. Then there could be online where people compete for territory and making the best product. This game would literally be the best thing ever (for me). Do you guys think this would be awesome? And if so, what other ideas do you have?

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I'm gonna be frank; I think this sounds like some insanely boring game with too much quicktime events and a big annoying multiplayer. There is actually nothing too special with the Br Ba universe that would make it interesting to play in it, it sounds like a boring version of GTA if you ask me. Playing as Walter sounds like the best part, but I still don't think it would be good per say.

This is just one opinion that differs from yours though, there are probably many out there who might like the idea.

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@blommer4: I understand where you're coming from.

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I want a sandbox crime game on the order of something like Skyrim, myself. GTA V is very "surface-layer" sandbox. Most buildings are not interactive in any way, and even being able to enter one is outside the norm. Chinatown Wars and Vice City both had the fledgling elements of something deeper, but no one has come close to offering a modern-day equivalent of what has become a fairly standard expectation in fantasy.

I want to run a drug cartel, or the mafia, start out as a petty thief and move on to Payday-esque robberies. All the tech and all of the ideas have been done by other people in other games, and these sorts of things make ludicrous sums of money. How has this not happened? Breaking Bad The Game should not only be possible, it should be the tip of the iceberg.

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Ive thought about a GTA like game with Mike as the protagonist before. Could be cool if it was set in the past when he was younger, turning from a cop to a criminal.

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I only want this so that the box can say "Now YOU are the one who knocks!".

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Just add a tweak here and another there and...blam! An iOS game to grab cash from people who don't know any better! In other words, @blommer4 already mentioned how the universe of Breaking Bad isn't anything too special, once you take it outside the awesome tv-series. This kinda just sounds like "I just finished watching this awesome movie/tv-series and feel like it would totally work as a videogame" type of idea, no offence meant.

As to why there hasn't been a game where you'd be part of a drug cartel? I'd guess the subject is too much on the fence playing a whole game as a scumbag like Trevor, who wasn't symphatetic in any way. I did like playing as him in GTA V, but can't imagine playing through a whole long story as someone like him.

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Honestly the only true Breaking Bad game I could imagine would be like the TellTale games.

(On a somewhat related note, I started playing Saints Row 3 today and made my character Heisenberg.)

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I thought Trevor Phillips was pretty much a Rockstar take on Breaking Bad.

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