GTA V Collectors Has been announced!

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Got the call yesterday and the emails early in the morning about the GTA V collectors editions being announced. Just threw down the money to get the 150$ version since I enjoy the small things. How about you? Anyone going to get the 150$ version? Or even the 80$ version? Also if you haven't seen whats in them yet, here the link to Rockstars site -=- Collectors!

Besides just the question on which one are you going to get. What is the Opinion on whats included? Figured I would bring this up since half is physical items and the other half. Well its multiplayer DLC that will show up shortly after launch. Had to add this, I decided on the 150$ version as I figure 4months till launch, that amount of money wont matter if I save little by little and dont pay attention to it so when I do spend the rest It wont hurt me as much. + the hat is nice.

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That lock box was pretty sweet with GTA IV, but $150 is too insane, does it come with 3D printed guns or something?

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Not enough physical goodies to get me to buy that. If I'm putting down $150 for a game I want a dumb figurine to put on my shelf so anyone visiting can see exactly how infantile I really am.

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I would get the $150 edition only if it came with more physical stuff, A map, a bag, and a hat don't really do much for me.

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Looks like I may have to upgrade my pre-order next time I'm at EB games.

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